Tuesday, April 9, 2013

1984 Exploration

“‘It might be a long time,’ said O’Brien. ‘You are a difficult case. But don’t give up hope. Everything is cured sooner or later. In the end we shall shoot you.’” (Orwell, 244). This is a very good quote from O’Brien because it shows that the party is going to kill off people who are different from their way of life. It also shows that the party will use interrogation methods to get people to change their way of thinking and have everyone have the same way of thinking.

“‘We are the dead’ he said. ‘We’re not dead yet,’ said Julia prosaically.” (Orwell, 120) This is another important quote because it shows that people who are higher up in the party know that the party will at sometime kill off people. This also helps lead in to what we can expect that will happen further on in the book.

The book that George Orwell wrote is a warning to what could happen if a government get’s too much power. If we were to take something away from this book, it would be that there should be more people out there watching what the government is doing. If the notice anything that could harm people’s right then they should speak up about it. What I have taken away from this is that if the people who are running a country get all the power then they will shape the country to the way that they want it to be. We should be more observant of our government and speak up when our right’s are coming under fire.

Throughout the third part of the book, we see a big part of the party using torture and interrogation to get answers. We have seen a lot of this happening in our especially after 9/11 when we were trying to get answers to find out where the terrorist were. While in the book, torture and interrogation were used on common people, we do not use ways there were used in 1984. Now we still interrogate people but it is not as extreme as the methods used in 1984 but are still used to get answers out of people. There’s not much way we can avoid this but the use of torture has gone away after people found out that this is happening. While methods of torture do get results in the form of an answer it is not an effect away. If it gets out then it make your government look bad and inhuman. There is no real way to stop this from happening since the answers someone gives them can be useful but I do believe that the usage of torture should not be used since it is unethical.

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