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Exploration Three

Dixie Evans
Curator and Retired Exotic Dancer

My favorite quote from the passage was "when Marilyn died, I went into the most horrible depression, I couldn't believe it."  "I was booked two years in advance, All of the sudded, I was totally canceled"  This really showed how much she cared about Marilyn Monroe and also revealed how her career died with Marilyn.  All she had ever wanted to be was suddenly going down hill because the person she wanted to be was no longer in the picture.

I really enjoyed reading Dixie's profile and I thought she was a fascinating individual.  Starting off, I thought it was incredibly brave of her to leave at the age of eighteen when her father was deceased adn her mother was in a terrible state of mind.  I don't know that I would have the courage to leave my mother like that and go off on my own.  Dixie always had the dream of being in show business and she evenally joined Burlesque and imitated Marilyn Monroe.  They were the same age and Dixie had a very passionate love for Marilyn Monroe.  After all, she did built her career acting just like her.  She impacted me because I have always been a fan of Marilyn Monroe, reading some of her biographies.  Themes that went along with this passage were that dreams really can come true and abandonment.

Dixie in her early years: 

You can definitely see the resemblence.

Exploration 3- Markie Moyer

“To be with all these people, all these brothers and sisters, to see everybody united on one front, was beautiful, it was really beautiful. I was no saint. I wanted to do every destructive thing that I could think of at that time to hurt anyone who had hurt us over the years. A lot of blood was shed, but people stood. They decided that they were going to fight back, that nothing was going to stop them. I got knocked a coupla times. I got it across my back, across my legs, but I kept coming back for more and more. Everybody kept coming back for more. Even people that were covered in blood kept coming back for more. They said, “No. We’re not giving up.” And that’s what made the night beautiful: nobody was afraid. Nobody was afraid that night to die: (pg. 76).
-Sylvia (Ray) Rivera

I fell like this is a very impactful profile and a very impactful quote because it goes to show how driven people can be to stand up for what they believe in. There’s so much irony in this quote because of course this wasn’t a beautiful night; there was an all-out brawl that involved blood shed but what Sylvia was saying they all come together and was giving it their all to fight for what was right. I think that people are much more understanding in today’s culture and are more accepting of others but I believe that has everything to do with people not accepting not being accepted. People are standing up for what and who they want to be and if others don’t agree with it then that’s their choice but it’s not going to change who that person is. It almost comes to a point where people would rather just go with it then fight it. I believe that this is a change for the better and that its healthy for everyone to be who they are or want to be and not have to worry about being judged or ridiculed. As long as they find supporters or a community for which they can relate and be a part of. 

This issue makes me wonder if homosexuals feel that since this movement, they feel more accepted by society. Are they still struggling to fit in with everyone and not just other homosexuals? It's great to have a group of people or a community that accepts you, but sometimes that just isn't enough.

Exploration 3

Tommie Bass Profile

"I been into it, you see, for around seventy-two years. If a fella' don't learn something in that time, he might as well quit!"

Tommie Bass just wanted to help people and wanted to do what he loved. I really like the quote above because its true, why would you do something that your not good at. Tommie Bass showed that he loved his job and wouldn't change it. He was just an ordinary person that wanted to help people. Bass didn't do his job for the money he did because he was good at it. Most people do jobs just to get the money. Not a lot of people do there job just because they love it. This is sort of how I am. I don't mind how much money I will make in the future. I just want do something in life that I will love for the rest of my life. I don't ever want to be tired of my job. 

I did a little research on people that actually enjoy there job and don't regret it. I read this great article in the NY Times. about a guy who made a big decision in his and he doesn't regret it at all. It was inspirational, and it shows me that I should what I want to do.

exploration three

Moreese Bickham
"try again in six months. well, i went up in six months". I chose this quote becuase this is when he was trying to get a pardon on his trial and get out of prison. I liked this becuase time after time of getting rejected he still went and tried to get a pardon and eventually it pays off in the end. What he tells us about our culture is how much it has changed since hes been locked up. The laws have changed as well as the rights for black.
This profile relates to our culture becuase of civil rights. Hes been locked up since 1958 when black segregation was very strong and blacks had no where near equal rights. His trial happened before any major break throughs with civil righs acts to end segregation. In the world today the cops would have never showed up to Moreese's house becuase back then they could get away with something like that. Also in todays world people wouldnt be as afraid to testify against them becuase the cival rights have changed greatly. it wasnt till 6 years after he was put in prison that the civil right act of 1964 was put into place making blacks rights more equal to the whites.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Nissa's Third Exploration

“They now had suddenly gained a new type of courage, and it seemed as if they didn't care anymore whether their identities were made known. We were now dealing with human beings.” Deputy Inspector Seymour Pine ended his interview with that quote. He had dealt with his own discrimination in his time, and I believe that’s why he felt the compassion that he did for those in that first Stonewall movement. His opinions on the individuals within the bar were never made clear, but whatever they were, he knew that they were his opinions. These were people that were facing troubling times just for being who they were. That’s a big step in realization. Just because someone differs from another doesn't make them any better or any worse. And it shouldn't make them any more susceptible to discrimination or abuse. As Rivera said, “I know you were just doing what you had to.”

Pine’s final quote was very important in wrapping up everything that needed to be said. The people in that bar that evening had had enough. They were no longer willing to deal with being pushed around and told to leave establishments for “masquerading.” Pine’s made an important note of this. I don’t think he was necessarily seeing them on an equality level. It wasn't them fighting back that put homosexuality and heterosexuality on an equal playing field. Humanity is all about a struggle. Not so much as a constant stress or pain, but the struggle of living. When someone gives up and just goes along with what life tosses at them, is it really considered being alive?


Those who finally stood up and rebelled against the absurd legal and social laws were breaking away from being just a herd. They were done with being told how to live their life and being treated like cattle. They were standing up for their right to live. Rivera fought for something and that constant fight to never give up and keep moving on is what breathes life into being alive. Without it, there’s not much left.

In our society today, we're becoming a bit more tolerant, abolishing ridiculous rules involving social relationships and what you’re allowed to wear. (It is still noted that gender is a social construct. Wearing a dress or wearing a pair of pants does not mean a label can automatically be slapped on. It’s not that cut and dry.) But there are still problems, with all types of discrimination. Gay rights are still being debated over; who’s allowed to marry who, and when, and what rights are given, when it shouldn't be debated at all. These are people—human beings that deserve the exact same rights.

The president’s inauguration addressed the issue of gay rights saying "If we are truly created equal, then surely the love we commit to one another must be equal as well.” He discussed this very true point along with a couple bills that would be passing through congress soon about legal rights in marriage.

It’s an important issue that many tend to overlook because it doesn't concern them. But I think it should concern everyone. Love and compassion should be more abundant than law declining the love between two people and the freedom to do as one pleases (when it is clearly not affecting anyone but themselves.) Even if it doesn't concern someone, the struggle is still there. People are struggling everywhere to show that they’re alive, and sometimes it takes more than just those concerned to help the cause.

Stewart Exploration three

"But he made a promise to our Blessed Mother for the grace of health, sometime in his lifetime he would build a shrine in her honor" This had a great affect on me because I found it amazing that someone would spend their whole life building or finishing a shrine for someone else. I just can't see something like that worth doing for anything or anybody. I feel that it was more important to them because it was a religious shrine but it's not something that I would do. I guess when it comes to our culture this is how far we will go when we truly believe in something. we will spend every minute of everyday doing something if our hearts are involved in it and we are determined to see it through until the end.
The research I done was about determination and I found that determination can bring the best out of us. It is a tool the we use to defeat discouragement and temporary failure. It also builds character and it helps us become a reliable people. Just like the priest relied on the next priest to finish his grotto and without determination he wouldn't have built character therefor he would have not kept his promise.

Expolration Three

"I been into it, you see, for around seventy-two years. If a fella don't learn something in that time, he might as well quit!"

Squaw Vine
As we discussed in class, people of our modern age are falling away from old-time remedies to cure their ailments. We are a pill-poppin' culture, and we are over medicated. People are given a medicine for every little thing: from a simple cough to depression and more. Medication is almost as popular, if not more, than candy. Both, when over used, are unhealthy!

Tommie Bass is one of those people who wants to help people the best way he can. When a doctor told a man his daughter would be dead in three days, and he asked Tommie for help and offered to pay, Bass refused the money. You've got to love that! It's just a neighbor helping a neighbor the best way he knows how, and for Tommie that means going to pick the herbs that work.

With herbs, everything is all natural. There is no chemical to make another chemical release at a certain point. There is no issue with worrying about what side effects (because suffering from vomiting,dizziness,depression, eye bleeding, loosing hair, and skin falling off is not what you want when combating the cold...but I might be exaggerating a little). Plus, to be able to help others by giving them an herb for an ailment takes years of trial and error and you have to respect the dedication of the art.

Those who work with folk remedies take pride in their work, even going as far as teaching a younger generation. For some it is holding onto a culture (Native American, Appalachian people) where it's thought that issues with the body are caused by evil spirits.

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Exploration three

 "It was beautiful to see people not hiding."
Sylvia (Ray) Rivera

 This quote stood out to me because the gay people were no longer hiding from society who they really were.  My brother is gay, thats why I chose this profile.  I love my brother and will support him whether I agree with his decisions or not.  I do not want him to have to hide because he his afraid of judgement.  I want him to be who his is and not feel ashamed.  I feel that this profile tells us just how judgemental our society really is and was.  The Stonewall incident proves that we as humans do not like to accept someone who are different from the ideal image.  Being gay is more accepted today, however there are still those people who have hatred towards homosexuals and disagree with their ways, but why? Why does it matter to them that two people of the same gender want to be with one another?  The answer to that lies within a persons religion or another aspect of their life. 
Today gays are very "loud and proud" if you will.  There have been many organizations come about to show support towards equality for homosexuals.  The biggest event for this equality is The Gay Pride Parade which is held in the month of June in multiple cities across world.  The month of June is considered Gay Pride Month.  The parade was actually started due to the Stonewall riots.  More people felt inspired to support the cause of gay rights because of that incident so in 1970 a march that is known to be the first Gay Pride Parade was held in New York city. 
This article is about the Gay Pride Parade that was held in Columbus Ohio last year.  In this article it talks about how gays and lesbians as well as their allies celebrated the homosexual members of the community.  More and more people, business, etc. are becoming acceptant of these individuals.
This pictures shows the flooded streets of Columbus Ohio at the annual Gay Pride Parade last year in June 2012.  It also shows a well known business (Besy Buy) supporting the issue. 

Exploration Three

"If you transplant me elsewhere I will not grow, I'll just die", This was said by Roberta Blackgoat when referring to what would happen should she be removed from the land of her ancestors. She is currently fighting the relocation of the Navajo sheepherders who found themselves on the wrong side of a border dispute. I am amazed that people are still trying to force them to leave now in this generation when the original dispute happened in the 1970's. Even after all this time they are still protesting and refusing to leave the land given to them in the first agreement and will continue to protest against moving however long it takes.

Roberta actually passed away in 2002, she lived her entire life near Big Mountain and her legacy has spurred others to stand up and refuse to leave. Her home has become a holy sight and is a symbol of hope for those who still refuse to leave. The overall theme of determination in the face of injustice is present as she inspired it in everyone she met. Any information on Roberta Blackgoat can be found in writings about her such as You can see that she lived her entire life in defiance and helped inspire others to do the same until her death at the age of 84. If any lesson can be taken away form this it is that you should never give up in the face of injustice or give up who you are even if things are at there worst.