Monday, April 22, 2013

My Favorite Entry

I chose the very first exploration entry we did, in which we had to create a poem about a friend or relative that have either passed away or ties have been severed to. I chose to write about a magician friend, that I had severed ties with two years ago.

The Magic Chapter

So much has changed, since I saw you last
A new chapters opened, and it hurts to look back
Back to the times, I watched you onstage,
Performing magic, leaving all amazed.

You were so misunderstood, so vulnerable to fear
But the last time I saw you, joy was all I could hear
You had finally broken, the shell from the past
Open and friendly, you were at last.

Your humor always caught me, in a fit of laughs
From your Family Guy recites, to your comedy acts
You was always there for me, bringing me back
Back to your mystery, like a sleight of hand act.

I remember the night, at OSUM, we both performed
For a fundraiser event. We then broke away, from
The thickening crowd; watched the other performers
Our voices mixed with their sounds.

The computer was, our meeting place, we talked
There often, no face to face. Sharing deep secrets
Throughout the night. We'd never argue, we'd
Never fight. And when I had to go, you'd say
You love me, goodnight.

The last day at church, around Christmas time
We exchanged gifts, had a memorable night,
I remember I noticed, you staring at me
Your eyes full of new interest, like watching a magic
You hadn't yet seen. And that was the end, of you and me...

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