Monday, April 1, 2013

Luke and Markie Outline

Intro- Henry Louis Gates Jr. is a well-respected Africa American writer, editor, scholar, educator, and American Literary Critic who enormously advanced the research of Black culture.
·         Times 25 Most Influential Americans
·         Director of W.E.B DuBois Institute for African Americans and African Research at Harvard
·         PBS-Hosted several television shows( Tracing peoples genealogy)
·         Discovered first novel published by an African American 

Body Paragraph 1-The inspiration that led Henry to pursue everything that he has accomplished now, can be told with two short stories.  
·         Childhood story at the doctors
·         Childhood story at grandpa (Casper)
·         The stereotype of African Americans
·         Video

Body Paragraph 2-Henry has used the new technology and resources to help many well-known people their own genealogy
·         Talk about Henrys own Genealogy
·         How it brings joy to people

Body Paragraph 3-The American Dream is reflected by everything Henry has overcome and accomplished to get where he is today.
·         Broken stereotype (Facts) first Ph.D.  
·         Race is on the outside and not inside( Genealogy)
·         Goal (Quote) 

Conclusion – “The first step toward tolerance is respect and the first step towards respect is knowledge.”
·         Knowledge is the key
·         Don’t limit yourself to what others think you can’t accomplish

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