Monday, April 22, 2013

Favorite exploration

Cody Kniffin

Moreese Bickham

"try again in six months. Well, I went up in six months". I chose this quote because this is when he was trying to get a pardon on his trial and get out of prison. I liked this because time after time of getting rejected he still went and tried to get a pardon and eventually it pays off in the end. What he tells us about our culture is how much it has changed since he’s been locked up. The laws have changed as well as the rights for black.

This profile relates to our culture because of civil rights issues. He’s been locked up since 1958 when black segregation was very strong and blacks had nowhere near the equal rights as whites. His trial happened before any major break through with civil rights acts to end segregation. In the world today the cops would have never showed up to Moreese's house because they couldn’t get away with beating him like they could back then. Also in todays world people wouldn’t be as afraid to testify against the cops because the civil rights have changed and it wouldn’t get you into trouble like it would back then.

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