Monday, April 22, 2013

The first blog

Hi, my name is Nickie Marshall. I am a freshman at Marion. My major is Dental Hygiene. I wish to someday become a dentist. My fun fact is that I have been a lifeguard for three years. I work every summer at a pool near where I live in, Mount Gilead. I graduated from Mount Gilead High School.
            I wrote my poem about my older sister, Sophia. I didn’t know who to write about right away because I haven’t had anyone know recently pass away. When we were younger, my sister and I didn’t get along. We fought about little things like clothes and make-up. As we have gotten older we appreciate each other more. We help each other with school and other activities. I had trouble with starting the poem but after I got a few lines done, it became easier. 
My Big Sister
While growing up I wanted to be just like you,
I’d follow you when you didn’t want me to.
You’ve taught me many things that I still remember,
Important things, like which sorority I shall be a member.
Even though you are just a few years older than I,
You seem to have it together when I always ask why.
You would tell me something I needed to know,
While yelling at me, “it’s time, we gotta go.”
You’d do this so we’d be on time for our special event,
And although I acted mad, you know what I meant.
We’d dress up together and your pretty brown hair would flow,
I tried to be like you, but my hair just wouldn’t grow.
I find myself struggling often times,
To meet goals that appear to be mine.
But I realize that my goals come partly from you,
You have been my inspiration loyal and true.
The profile that has meant the most to me so far is on Moreese Bickham. He had been in jail for thirty-two years when this interview was done. I believe that he is a visionary. He was put into jail for killing to white men in self-defense. He said that “it might have been better if I got killed that night than to go through all I’ve been through.” He makes the best he can out of a bad situation. He has seen men come and go in the jail, but he still has a positive attitude about being sentenced to death.
Bickham talks to a nineteen year old inmate and inspires them by saying:
“You’ll get strong, and you’ll learn to be a good fighter.” I tell all these young fellas, “Maybe your case is different than mine, and you’ll get out.” Give ‘em a little hope, you know. See, hope does something for a man—it makes him hang on to what little he got to get more. But if he lose that, there’s nothin’ to hang on to.

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