Monday, April 22, 2013

Exploration about propaganda

                One of the pieces of writing that I felt was my greatest was the writing we did on propaganda. I felt that this was one of my better pieces of written because I’m describing what propaganda is and how it works. So if someone was unclear of what propaganda is hopeful they will have an idea after reading what I wrote. So I felt most of the time in the class we were just giving our opinion about a subject so it was refreshing teaching about propaganda to the class.

Propaganda works by Convincing the audience to agree with the message presented and then adopt it as their own belief, thus rejecting the viewpoints of the other side by using deceptive persuasive techniques.
 Propaganda simply put, is the manipulation of public opinion, it is generally carried out through mass media that is capable of reaching a large amount of people and effectively persuading them for or against a cause.
Propaganda is used by many people and organizations, including special interest groups such as anti-smoking groups and safe-driving campaigns, businesses, political groups, government organizations, political candidates and so on.

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