Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Exploration to 1984

"Within two years those children would be denouncing her (Mrs. Parsons) to the Thought Police. Mrs. Parsons would be vaporized. Syme would be vaporized. Winston would be vaporized. O'Brien would be vaporized."
This passage showed how Winston felt about the future. He had no hope for any of the non party members. Winston went through his day to day life, lifelessly.

"It was a queer thing, even a compromising thing, for a Party member to have in his possession. Anything old, and for that matter anything beautiful, was always vaguely suspect. The old man had grown noticeably more cheerful after receiving the four dollars. Winston realized that he would have accepted three or even two."
The passage showed how the past is important. This gave Winston hope. It symbolized the connection Winston wanted with the past.

I read this book as a warning. I think that the author wanted us to make sure that this government ran society doesn't happen to us. We can avoid being controlled by supporting the rights of an individual.
I see the loss of privacy becoming common through the years because of the growth of technology. I can see this happening because there are cameras and video tapes literally everywhere in public. I also learned in class about how any conversation on the phone can be tapped. Also any email can be looked at by the government. I think this is a problem because I strongly believe in personal privacy.

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