Monday, April 22, 2013

fav exploration

My favorite exploration was my Exploration 6 when we we had to tell a favorite story. This exercise requuried us to be creative and express every detail of a story more than what we normally would.

Last weekend my best friend Anna and I decided to make a spontaneous trip to Ohio State after we both got off of work at 10 pm. We were supposed to go to Otterbein to celebrate a couple of our high school friend’s birthdays, but we weren’t really feeling it after a long night at work. On the way to Columbus, she let me drive her car while she got ready in the back seat. We literally laughed the whole entire 37 minutes it took to get there. It’s a good thing we didn’t get pulled over because the police probably would have thought we were drunk by how much we were laughing. But that’s just how we are around each other. When we turned right onto the Lane Ave. exit off of 315, we decided that we should probably think about where we wanted to park. We usually park in the Union Garage and go to our friend Hillary’s dorm, but she wasn’t on campus that night and it would have been such a far walk to Indianola where our friend’s house was. “We are NOT walking that far in heels!” Anna was pretty persistent. And I completely agreed. I was not about to break in my new boots on a 2-mile walk. Plus it was already almost midnight by that time and High Street just sounded like a bad idea. So we just continued on Lane Ave. until we saw Matt and Ryan’s house and turned left down Indianola. We decided we would try to park somewhere on the street and just pray for the best. I finally found a spot a little past East Northwood Ave and parallel parked the best I have ever parallel parked ever in my life. Yay! We were so excited we finally reached our destination; all that was left was the walk. “Let’s do this” Anna was ready as we started getting out of the car. Off we went into the snowflakes and freezing wind. We were practically running honestly. Columbus is sketchy in the daylight but nighttime is a whole different level. We were nearly 2 minutes from their house when we heard loud noises. We really didn’t think anything of it because it’s Columbus. But as we started getting closer and closer to Matt and Ryan’s we saw something strange. Two full grown men were kicking the hell out of a really nice blue car down the alley our friends lived by. They were taking full kicks, like they were kicking like their life depended on it. “Whatever” Anna and I didn’t try to let us phase us because we didn’t want them to start anything. We scurried along and ran up the back porch into the house, finally. Click. Immediately it hit us, the car that was getting vandalized was Mapes’, Matt and Ryan’s other roommate. “Oh my god” Hysterically we told them what was going on. It was merely seconds after we entered the house that we were back outside with everyone. But the men were gone. All that was left were multiple large dents along both sides of Adams brand new car.

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