Monday, April 22, 2013

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 "It was beautiful to see people not hiding."
Sylvia (Ray) Rivera

 This quote stood out to me because the gay people were no longer hiding from society who they really were.  My brother is gay, thats why I chose this profile.  I love my brother and will support him whether I agree with his decisions or not.  I do not want him to have to hide because he his afraid of judgement.  I want him to be who his is and not feel ashamed.  I feel that this profile tells us just how judgemental our society really is and was.  The Stonewall incident proves that we as humans do not like to accept someone who are different from the ideal image.  Being gay is more accepted today, however there are still those people who have hatred towards homosexuals and disagree with their ways, but why? Why does it matter to them that two people of the same gender want to be with one another?  The answer to that lies within a persons religion or another aspect of their life. 
Today gays are very "loud and proud" if you will.  There have been many organizations come about to show support towards equality for homosexuals.  The biggest event for this equality is The Gay Pride Parade which is held in the month of June in multiple cities across world.  The month of June is considered Gay Pride Month.  The parade was actually started due to the Stonewall riots.  More people felt inspired to support the cause of gay rights because of that incident so in 1970 a march that is known to be the first Gay Pride Parade was held in New York city. 
This article is about the Gay Pride Parade that was held in Columbus Ohio last year.  In this article it talks about how gays and lesbians as well as their allies celebrated the homosexual members of the community.  More and more people, business, etc. are becoming acceptant of these individuals.

This pictures shows the flooded streets of Columbus Ohio at the annual Gay Pride Parade last year in June 2012.  It also shows a well known business (Besy Buy) supporting the issue. 

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