Monday, January 28, 2013

Nathan Carey Exploration Three

"All of our great-great ancestors are buried here. Their spirits are still here. This is our sacred ground. Our altar is here, our songs and our prayers. We can't leave!"

This quote is from the Roberta Blackgoat profile, and I chose this because I was interested in the Indian Relocation in our nation's history. It told about all of the tough times that Roberta and other Indians have had throughout their lives. They have had to leave their home lands for places completely different. It ruins their tradition and culture. This person has impacted me by showing me how tough some people's lives have been, and there is nothing that they can do about it besides fight to keep what they have. She shows how important culture and traditions should be to people because without them her people have lost something very important. The relocation not only took away Navajo land, but their culture and traditions which are much more important.

This profile applies to my life because before Europeans got to America, only Indians were here. Ever since we began to occupy parts of North America, we have continued to push them farther and farther from their native homelands. Where we live today used to be Shawnee, Chippewa, Iroquois, and many other tribe's land. It applies to our culture because I think many of us have lost many of our culture from our ancestors.

From this link I learned more about Indians from Ohio. This included lots of information about them like their history, territory, religion, their removal from Ohio, and many other things. I was more interested in their removal though so I researched that more. By the late 1700's some Indians were beginning to be pushed out of Ohio. After this several presidents started the removal of many Indians eventually all to forced west of the Mississippi River. Many battles resulted from them being forced away from their homelands, but they did not stand a chance against all of the settlers from Europe.


  1. nicely written, I had never really considered what Indians from Ohio might be like but the link you posted had some interesting facts.

  2. Nice post Nate. This is a really cool and interesting research topic.

  3. Her profile reminded me just what land our civilization is built on. It's kind of weird to think about what it might be like here today if the native hadn't been pushed off of their land. It leaves me a bit disheartened. I think a lot of us forget where this country started.

  4. Nice! glad you included more history in there. It is sad what we have done to the Indians and what we still do to them and there land.