Monday, January 28, 2013

Exploration 3- McCoy

"Worked seventy-five years-- that's the longest anyone has sold door-to-door in history. And I never saw a person I didn't like. Never."
-Mackey E. Brown

The reason this certain profile impacted me is because of how much he enjoyed his job. I hope that I will enjoy my job as much as he does because I think it will reflect on the amount of success you have. Mr. Brown sold more than two million dollars in products, by himself. The fact that anybody could do this going door-to-door is incredible. Another thing that I really admire about Mr. Brown is how many times he had to have been rejected, but continued to keep walking door-to-door. I wish they could have asked more question and got a couple stories out of Mr. Brown because I am sure after going to over a million front doors, that he would have a lot of great stories to tell. 

This story applied to my life because I really hope that I will enjoy my job as much as Mr. Brown did and if I do I know that I will have a very good life. Door-to-door sales still happens to this day, but I would say that it is almost looked down on now because of how cautious everyone is to strangers at the door. Back in the day people were a lot friendlier and wouldn't think twice about letting people into their homes. 

I did some research and found an article that talked about how people still go door-to-door because they can't reach people anymore by phone. Telemarketers cannot reach as many people as they used to, so now people are going back to the door-to-door sales technique. The link is below:


  1. I think it would be pretty hard to not find a person that you didn't like. I'm sure he would have some pretty funny stories to tell from being a salesman his entire life.

  2. I liked that you picked this profile even though it was so short! I also felt it had a lot of meaning and wondered why they didn't ask him anymore questions. It's crazy to think he come across so many people and liked them all. I think that says a lot about his personality

  3. I hold a lot pf respect for this man. I have worked in sales for 2 years and the fear of rejection from customers still nags at the back of my mind, I can't imagine being able to go door to door all my life doing this. It takes a special kind of person, and this profile really shows the difference in generations I think.

  4. I think being a door to door salesman would be pretty difficult, i know when someone comes to my door trying to sell me something i don't even come to the door if i know what they are trying to do.

  5. Selling things door to door would be very difficult in this era just due to the convenience of online shopping. If you want something you can just order it, having someone try to sell it too you does not come into it.

  6. I also liked this profile. I can't believe that he sold things door to door for seventy-five years. I think he shows a lot of determination from a person. I think that because he sold things for so long that is what has made him the person he is today. He had to be patient, polite, and cheerful all the time which I can imagine would be so difficult for such a long time period.