Monday, January 28, 2013

Exploration Three Austin Kniffin

 Tommie Bass
"Well, i sure am so proud that it healed'im." And by gosh he went into the army just fine. We didn't make any money out of it, but we was just so glad he was better, you see." (Bass). I chose Tommie Bass as the profile that has impacted me the most. I really genuinely like people who are "good" people, there are too many people out there that are greedy and do everything for the money, and Tommie Bass is obviously not like that.

I guess i can say that it impacts me to the extent that I honestly believe that i am sort of like this, i was raised to believe that doing the right thing is the number one priority. Money comes and goes but friends and family are there for you for a lifetime. I really do believe that Tommie Bass is a good person even if he was going broke, at the end of the day he still enjoyed his "job" because he had the chance to help people and i think that is really great. 

I think this is sort of lost in our culture today. I couldn't imagine doctors today doing things for free, i know it is a lot different because of how much schooling doctors have to go through but it still is a shame. It seems to me at least that when people go to the Doctors these days all the doctors see is: $$$$$$, and i think that is terrible. Its no longer about helping people its about making money to drive around Ferrari's and other expensive cars.

After doing a little research and thinking about the profile i think the word "selflessness" comes into play quite a bit from Tommie Bass's personality/actions. Broadening my view of this theme i was able to connect it to an article i found on a NBA related website. This article is an organization provided by the professional basketball league that is all about giving back to the communities.The NBA cares organization has raised about $210 million for charity and has spent about 2.3 millions hours providing services for kids and communities. I think think this shows that people who are selfless still exist in this world, even people who are very wealthy can give back and relate to some of the more under privileged people in our society today.

Kevin Love (Min) spending time with a child


  1. I agree with your view points of selflessness. I like how you said that money comes and goes but friends and family are there for you for a lifetime. I agree with that statement so much.

  2. I really liked how you related selflessness to Kevin Love.It's good to know that the players are giving back to the community.

  3. wow its like we have the same mind

  4. I agree with you about doctors only seeing dollars signs in my experiences it seems like every time something has really went wrong and you go to the doctor they play it down and then in about a week your back at the doctors paying that co pay again I totally agree with you

  5. I feel like this profile really resonated with a lot of people, just due to how much of a philanthropist the man was and the comments on modern medicine.