Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Morgan Beveridge

Hello, my name is Morgan Beveridge.  I am a freshman this year majoring in special education.  I am considering a minor in history but I am not certain yet.  My fun fact is that I have been an All-Star cheerleader since I was five years old.  I have cheered for Central Ohio Flames and Ohio Senergy Athletics who of which are the same team but changed their name about two years ago.  Last semester I went to the University of Toledo where I cheered for both football and basketball. 
When the assignment of the poem was introduced to me I knew immediately who I wanted to write about.  When I first sat down to write, I knew what I wanted the first couple of lines to say, but once I got past those first two lines it no longer seemed like a poem to me.  As I continued to write down my ideas, I found that poetry is not something I am good at.  In the end I guess my poem turned out better than I expected it to. 
 Moreese Bickhams profile was the one I liked the most.  I found it interesting because of the way he was treated.  He tells his story about how he ended up in prison and to me it shows how badly he was discriminated against.    My favorite part of the whole profile was when the attorney Michael Alcamo started to rebuild his case to get him approved for parole.  My absolute favorite part was when he was released and got reunited with his family.  “My first night on death row I asked the Lord to show me was I gonna get out or not, and he said, “Don’t worry, everything gonna be alright”” This sentence from the profile I felt was the best because it showed he never gave up hope when he really had every reason to give up. 

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  1. Moreese Bickman was also my favorite profile. But the passage you chose really didn't stick out to me when I read it. Now I'm amazed how I missed it because it seems like a pretty important part of his story