Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Exploration 3

Tommie Bass Profile

"I been into it, you see, for around seventy-two years. If a fella' don't learn something in that time, he might as well quit!"

Tommie Bass just wanted to help people and wanted to do what he loved. I really like the quote above because its true, why would you do something that your not good at. Tommie Bass showed that he loved his job and wouldn't change it. He was just an ordinary person that wanted to help people. Bass didn't do his job for the money he did because he was good at it. Most people do jobs just to get the money. Not a lot of people do there job just because they love it. This is sort of how I am. I don't mind how much money I will make in the future. I just want do something in life that I will love for the rest of my life. I don't ever want to be tired of my job. 

I did a little research on people that actually enjoy there job and don't regret it. I read this great article in the NY Times. about a guy who made a big decision in his and he doesn't regret it at all. It was inspirational, and it shows me that I should what I want to do.


  1. I enjoyed the Tommie Bass profile as well. I thought it was interesting how he would use herbs to cure people, and it was cool he was doing it because he enjoyed it and not for money

  2. You really have to respect people who love their jobs. Some just get stuck in routine and get burnt out. Though I did wonder how Tommie Bass made money to live on if he did not accept money from the people he helped.

  3. I agree with you about doing a job because you love it. I want to be a teacher, and everyone knows they don't make a lot of money. I simply want to do it because I love working with children and I like to help people. Tommie Bass was a very selfless person and he helped people because he believed it was the right thing to do, and he loved doing it.

  4. I think its great when people enjoy helping others it really shows that there are kind people in this world and that not everybody just cares about only money like most people seem to today. Good post

  5. I chose the profile on Sylvia Rivera but I almost chose this one. I really liked the fact that he was in the herb business for wanting to cure people and not for the money. More people should be that way.