Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Daniel Sabo

My name is Daniel Sabo and I am a sophomore who is studying Material Science and Engineering. and my fun fact is that I have been to four different countries in Europe. The four countries include Scotland, Great Britain, France and Belgium.

The poem that I created for this class took me sometime to create but was not as hard as I thought it was going to be like. To create the poem about my friend Paul Beck, I first just sat down and wrote down some qualities that my friend had. Then it took some time placing this into poem form. What surprised me was that once you have written down your ideas, it is not too hard to create a poem. Overall I feel that my poem turned out the way I wanted it to be but I feel that it could have been better.

    Throughout this class, we have been reading different profiles and one that I can connect to would be Robert Shield. Now I do not completely write down every little detail but I do use Google Calendar to mark and record the time when I am either out or doing something with my friends. I like to do this because it is a neat way of seeing what I did in the past and if my friends ever try to fight me in what we did on a specific date, I can easily win that fight. Also when I record what I did, its very general, not too specific of what I did. Now while I do not have an obsession to write down every little detail, although some might say it is one, one passage that show that Robert Shield has an obsession with his diary writing is on page 28 and continues on to page 29. “It’s an obsession, that’s all I can say. It’s an obsession. . . . I don’t know. I really can’t answer that. Sometimes I wonder why I impose it on myself, and then I say: “Well, I’d rather do this than nothing.” I want to be busy every minute of the day or night that I can be busy. If  you’re idle, that’s a bad sign. It’s not good to idle. It’s my makeup. It’s my nature, I suppose. I’m not boastful about it. It’s just something that I do. Like an artist would do something, like an author would do something, like an architect would do something. So I do this. That’s all” This passage shows how extreme someone can get when writing down every detail of their life and I do not do that.

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  1. It's nice t hear from someone so did not chose Moreese Bickham! Although I particularly didn't like Robert Shields profile, I thought it was neat how he documented everything. It's cool that you are like that with calendar events, I am the same way but with pictures on Instagram!