Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Drew Stewart intro

Hi my name is Drew Stewart and I'm from Columbus Ohio and I have one brother and we are four years apart. I also have four dogs and all of them are terror's, I don't recommend them if you don't like a lot of barking and crying. I have been going to OSU for about fours years and hopefully this is my last year. I'm a criminology major and I plan on opening my security company one day. I also enjoy shooting with my friends and family at my local range.

I found writing the poem challenging because most of the drafts I came up with would have only been understood by me and my friends because of the inside jokes we have. But finally the poem came out clear and understandable and I think I got my point across. the name of the poem is Three Sixty and that was the nickname of my friend.

                                                                 Three sixty

I remember the days when we would go to the range,
You would laugh and say I need to work on my aim,
After the fun you would pick my brain,
About maximizing profits and making a life change.
We always have loads of fun,
It really stuck with me when you said millionaires have seven sources of income.
You are like a lion to me,
Strong and confident and the whole pride could see that.

Stay prepared you always said it,
Booby traps around you house so you never let forget it,
Eat good he loved food,
Tilapia burritos for those he stays in the mood to eat them,
Role model to me I want to be him,
Behind glass walls it’s hard to see him,
Caged up like an animal for everyone to see,
I know you’re not an animal so I wish you were free.

The profile that meant the most to me was Moreese Bickham because the same thing that happen to him I have seen happen first hand. Prison makes a person different, it will make a person that you have known your whole life look like a stranger. Prison has a way of making a person lose hope Moreese even said this when he said "Hope does something for a man it makes him hang on to what little he got to get more but if he lose that, there's nothin to hang on to" 


  1. I enjoyed reading your poem. I also liked that you rhymed. The Moreese Bickham also meant the most to me. He didn't loose hope through his many years in jail.

  2. Your poem was really good! I could tell that you really care for the person it's about. I thought the last 2 lines were very strong and finished the poem perfectly.

  3. Your poem that you wrote was very good and flows very well. It is good that you went through drafts because this a such a good poem.