Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Expolration Three

"I been into it, you see, for around seventy-two years. If a fella don't learn something in that time, he might as well quit!"

Squaw Vine
As we discussed in class, people of our modern age are falling away from old-time remedies to cure their ailments. We are a pill-poppin' culture, and we are over medicated. People are given a medicine for every little thing: from a simple cough to depression and more. Medication is almost as popular, if not more, than candy. Both, when over used, are unhealthy!

Tommie Bass is one of those people who wants to help people the best way he can. When a doctor told a man his daughter would be dead in three days, and he asked Tommie for help and offered to pay, Bass refused the money. You've got to love that! It's just a neighbor helping a neighbor the best way he knows how, and for Tommie that means going to pick the herbs that work.

With herbs, everything is all natural. There is no chemical to make another chemical release at a certain point. There is no issue with worrying about what side effects (because suffering from vomiting,dizziness,depression, eye bleeding, loosing hair, and skin falling off is not what you want when combating the cold...but I might be exaggerating a little). Plus, to be able to help others by giving them an herb for an ailment takes years of trial and error and you have to respect the dedication of the art.

Those who work with folk remedies take pride in their work, even going as far as teaching a younger generation. For some it is holding onto a culture (Native American, Appalachian people) where it's thought that issues with the body are caused by evil spirits.


  1. I completely agree with you! Before reading this book, I honestly didn't know that there were still people who people in using home remedies anymore because our society is so caught up on pills for this and pills for that. I think what Bass did for all those people was amazing, simply because he did it for the joy of helping people. We need more kind hearted people like that in this world.

  2. I really like your set up of this post it looks really professional. I would have to say thought that i think it is important to use the modern medicines in order to save people's lives. I do believe that there are alternatives out there that will work just as well just personally not for me i would be too scared to try anything else! Good post!

    1. Oh no, I agree. When it comes to real life saving medication then go for it. But it's the visits to a doctor where you get three medications for acne and the symptoms are worse than what you went for then it's seriously time to reconsider. Something like cancer though or a heart condition would be different.

  3. i agree with you. i think herbs should be used more often as medicine and heal your sickness in a natural way.

  4. I too really enjoyed Bass's profile. He was so thoughtful and caring and never asked for money, he just wanted to help. I miss those day when people just wanted to help each other. Its sad to think, but maybe if we would have done more of the herbal remedies in the past and used those instead of drugs maybe there wouldn't be such bad drug addictions as there are now.

  5. I also chose this profile. I have quite a few friends who are very into the herbal remedies and organic foods and just anything natural I guess. Sometimes it gets a bit out of hand but that's just my opinion.

    I definitely agree with your views. I also spoke about how he acted very selflessly.

    I also liked your comment about the side effects of certain drugs. It's pretty hilarious to actually listen to what they say on drug commercials.

  6. Like the picture, and I agree, we are a "pill popin" culture, maybe if we all followed what Tommie does, we would all be a bit healthier.

  7. I found the profile on Tommie Bass interesting as well. I also never really thought about all the side effects that today's medicine has. One of my favorite quotes from the profile is "I don't tell anybody to take the herbs if they don't want to, but if they wish to, well, there's no harm in it." The herbs don't have crazy side effects like the drugs people use daily.