Monday, January 28, 2013

Lauren Ulsh- Exploration three

"Sylvia (Ray) Rivera, a drag queen who was seventeen on the night of the riots and has since become something of a Rosa Parks figure for the gay rights movement.."

The reason that I picked Sylvia is because her profile to me has been the most interesting one so far. The reason that she impacted me so much is because she really opened my eyes to how cruel we as a society can be to other humans just because they are different. With Sylvia's profile she really made me think of the question of why do we care? As a society why are we getting so involved in someone's life, that we are trying to tell them what to do. I believe that it is not our business what other people are doing. As long as it is not affecting society then it should not be an issue. When the drag queens were going to clubs and bars as long as they were not causing chaos then why did the police always feel the need that they had to go in and shoo the drag queens away?

This applies to our culture today because gay marriage has become a very heated topic now in politics. It has been mentioned many times by the president there have been multiple court cases done on this topic. I found an article that the Huffington Post had done on Obama and gay marriage. The article basically said that Obama has no problem with gay marriage and actually endorses it. The president of the united states does not have an issue with it, so why should we?


  1. I also chose the profile on Sylvia Rivera. I had never heard of the Stonewall riot till this profile was assigned to be read.
    I did a little research and found that the Gay Pride Parade (which is held in many cities) was actually started because of the Stonewall incident. I thought that was pretty interesting.

  2. Isn't sad how, in the 21st century, we still have all these social inequality issues? It just seems like we should have changed all of that in the last century when we had Women's Suffrage, the Civil Rights Movement, and Labor Unions making big impacts. Why are we still denying the rights of gays?

  3. I really liked the profile you chose and I do think it is kind of inconsiderate of us a a nation to treat the homosexuals so differently. We have come a long way since then and there are plenty of gay/lesbian bars and they can marry in some states. My only concern is where are we going to draw the line with who can marry whom? I participated in the Gay Pride Parade and I understand how difficult their lives can be but what if someone was fighting to marry their blood relative or their pet? I think that the govenment should still have some regulations on marriage and keep an eye on who is getting approved for a marrige license.

  4. I found it interesting the case that you presented about Obama and gay marriage. I agree that it is a heated topic today but becoming more and more acceptable in our society.

  5. I agree it's saddening that some people care so much about others lives that try to tell them that their beliefs are wrong.