Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Brittney Lust :)

Hi my name is Brittney Lust. My fun fact was that I have a dog named Prada and I recently signed the lease to my OSU home for next fall. I’m currently at sophomore here at OSUM but I am finally transferring to main campus August of this year! My major is Public Health with a minor in Global Health.

When I first started my poem I was just putting random thoughts together while I was at work. After I got home from work I actually sat down and started trying to put things together. I mainly did a lot of rhyming and worked from there. I somewhat like my poem. I don’t think it’s great, but it was actually pretty fun. And the person that I wrote it about smiled immensely when I read it to him. And to me that was the greatest part. And here is my poem:



My best friend is Dillon,


He’s one in a trillion.


We’re roomies next year,


In 1 month he can buy beer.


His laugh is contagious,


His beard is outrageous,


Sometimes he looks like a bear.



He loves the Florida Gators,


Sadly he doesn’t like tomators.


ASAP Rocky is his fashion idol,


Sweatpants with high socks are vital.


We have a dog named Prada,


She once stole Dillon’s enchilada.


Yesterday we took a nap.

So far, my favorite Holding On profile was one from this past reading, Moreese Bickham. This was my favorite passage although at first it made me really sad. As I was reading it, it made me wonder how many other Moreese Bickhams were out there? How many people are rotting in jail because of one thing that at the time was unforgiveable? I did question if Moreese was really innocent but when read "I found Bickham's 1990 version of the crime to be identical to his confession of thirty-five years ago” I knew that someone could not lie for that long and he must be telling the truth.  I actually used my pink highlighter a lot more than I expected in this reading. I thought Mr. Bickham was so positive for the situation he was in and I loved that he still had hope after everything. I was so excited at the end of the passage when it said that Moreese was released and got to go home to his family. It just made me think that even in the darkest of days there is a little hope. :)







  1. I love your poem. It's really fun. As I was reading it I thought back on my own, and now I'm questioning whether I did it right or not. :/ Anyway, it's really entertaining and I hop eyou enjoy living in your new home!

  2. I loved your poem! I was very lighthearted and fun to read. We also had the same favorite passage fromo Holding on, poor Moreese :(

  3. I giggled all the way through your poem! Very nice last line. I'm glad he liked it as well.

  4. I loved your poem, it was very funny and original. I also agree with you about Moreese. I felt so bad for him !

  5. I found your poem very funny. You did a lot better job at rhyming than I did! My favorite profile was also Moreese Bickhams. We shared similar views as to why it was our favorite. My specific reason was because even though he had been denied so many times someone else besides him still had hope

  6. I really liked your poem. It was funny! My favorite part would have to be; He loves the Florida Gators, Sadly he doesn’t like tomators.

  7. I love your poem! And I agree with you about having fun writing it because I actually enjoyed writing mine too. I'd have to say that your last line is mine favorite! :)