Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Janaki Patel :)

Hi everyone! I’m Janaki Patel. I am a freshman and I am majoring in marketing right now, I hope to switch to international marketing once I transfer to main campus. I plain on traveling for my job in the future, and I also plan to live somewhere besides the US in my future. It’s a big dream but I guess we all have them right? I did gymnastics till my senior year of high school. I also dance, which I have been doing since I was five.

When I was composing my poem it was really hard to pick someone to write about. I have a big family and so many people that are important to me in my life. Its hard just to pick one person out of so many people. My poem in the end turned out pretty good but not what I expected. I guess it didn't turn out as I wanted because I just needed a little more time.Overall, I think it was a good poem for what I had written down. 

My favorite profile in Holding On was the one about Moreese Bickam. I thought this profile was really interesting because I liked how it really shows Bickams feelings and he didnt give up one bit to be free. After Bickam was talking to the 19 year old prisoner he met he said:

"Give 'em a little hope, you know. See, hope does something for a man -- its makes him hang on to what little he got to get more. But if he lose that, there's nothing to hang on to." 

I really liked this quote because it is true for anyone. Without hope in your life do you really think you would push yourself to do certain things. Hope helps you hold on to what you want. With a little hope in your hands you can get much more out of your life. It's a little key that can keep things together.


  1. I liked this profile on Moreese Bickman also. I liked the quote about holding on and never giving up. He was an inspirational man even when he was in jail.

  2. Wow Gymnastics! And yeah, I felt bad for Moreese, but Im glad he finally got to taste freedom and see what he's been missing, with all the technology advancements and equality now compared to when he was first put in prison.