Saturday, January 19, 2013

Cody Kniffin intro

My name is Cody kniffin. I am a sophomore at OSU majoring in pharmacy. I have two brothers and one sister. I just moved back to Ohio from Atlanta Georgia a couple weeks ago to go to school at OSUM. My fun fact was that i like sports.

Picking the topic of my poem was pretty easy since ive only lost one person in my life. but actually writing the poem was hard since i havent wrote one since 6th grade. the poem did turn out how i expected becuase i knew it wouldnt be very good since ive never really wrote one.

The profile in Holding On that i have liked the most is Moreese Bickham. The reason why i like this one the most is because he never gives up and always has hope that he will get out of prison even after being in there for 30+ years. Another reason why i like it is becuase in the end eeverything worked out and he was set to be released. "Mr. Bickham is scheduled to be released from angola on january 10th, 1996."

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