Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Nissa's Aquatic Intro

Heya, I'm Anissa, but most people cut off the first letter and go with Nissa. I'm a sophomore at OSU, and am currently majoring in Biology. I plan on going to a veterinarian school that leans more towards helping marine life. (I'm the one who wanted a 100 gallon tank with an octopus). The only marine animal that I own at the moment is a betta fish, who rests comfortably in a ten gallon tank. His name is Glub. I'm hoping to move him into a community tank at some point because the more fish the merrier (in some cases).

It took me a couple hours to figure out who I wanted to write about for my poem. It was a little difficult in that aspect since each person I went through didn't really spark any inspiration for writing for me. I was actually expecting it to be a lot more standard and it came out a bit more abstract. It was a challenge to remember specific events and put them into word, but I think I eventually did the person justice:

Another Warm Body

The curtains were drawn
Something unusual to come with the sun
Six legs crawled along the sill
“Did you mean it?”
I listened to your every page turn
And contemplated the fall of Amsterdam
It bothered you
The steady hitches in my breathing

I thought I did

The silence was a ticking clock
A reminder of the time passing by
Fingers slid along book binds
Dangerously calculated
That night without enough covers
Or the one with too many
You never gave it cause for concern
It was mine to give



Mahan's profile was a really good read. The editing probably helped in part to that, but I really enjoyed how familiar the man seemed with Isay. Their first encounter of a hello was responded to with: "You're back again?" This implied either Mahan was a little out of touch with sorts, or he was a joking sort of man. I'd say it was a little bit of column a and a little bit of column b. Once again, the editing probably helped a lot with the familiarity of the conversation, but it was really entertaining to see Mahan jump from topic to topic without a second thought like he'd known Isay for years. It's not very often in media that you meet someone eccentric that's portrayed in an amusing or lighthearted way. Most of the time, they're seen as something to steer clear of. My favorite part of this example was when Isay was being shown around and Miles brings him to the 'horse.'

"We'll go over here...Now that right there's for the kids. They get on and ride it just like a horse.
     But Miles, it's just a tree stump.
It is! I made a little seat for the kids, and get on it and ride. It don't buck much, but the kids like to get into everything, you know. Come around this way."

There was no harm. He was just a quirky guy who liked to dance and entertain his guests. It was nice to see someone who wasn't completely serious through every part of the interview.




  1. Neat poem! and I must agree Miles was quite the character.

  2. wow your poem.. actually sounds like a poem, unlike mine that reads like a man trying, and failing, to wring thoughts from his stubborn mind good job.

  3. I LOVE your poem, I'm glad I'm not the only one who went more abstract with the prompt. Really good work!

  4. I feel like your poem leaves the reader wanting more! What did they mean!?!?! I'm also curious what sparked your interest in marine bio 🐠🐟🐡🐬🐳🐋🐚🐙🐙🐙

    1. Those were supposed to be fish and octopus emojis :(

  5. Your poem was really good sounds like you put a lot of effort into it, good job!

  6. For all the hard work that you put into your poem, you made a very well done poem that was very enjoyable to read. Also I liked how you used your passage from Mahan's profile. Overall your post was very interesting to read and was done very well.

  7. Your poem was very well written ! Good job