Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Lauren Ulsh- intro

Hi my name is Lauren Ulsh. I am a freshman this year and I just transferred from Bowling Green State University. I love being with my friends and family. The fun fact about me is that I became an aunt by the age of six. I now am eighteen and I have three wonderful nephews.

The process I took for composing my poem was fairly short. The challenges I found when writing my poem was who to write it about. The people I have in my life all mean so much to me. So it was hard to choose just one. I would say that my poem turned out how I expected, it was short sweet and to the point.

Every time I see you my world seems to stop
You may only be three
But you’re everything to me
 You’re my best friend
And my little man
You really are as cute as a button
With your blonde hair and engaging smile
I can’t help but tickle you until you go wild

My favorite thing for us to do is run away to another room
To play with all your toys
Your most favorite game is baseball
Before you hit it you always say “watch the ball”
We could play for hours or maybe days
But just always know
Your one of my favs

The profile in Holding On that has meant the most to me so far was  Moreese Bickham. The reason I connected to this profile was because it brought the most emotion out of me. I felt so sad for Moreese because he had been locked up in prison for so long. I also felt very mad because they refused to let him go just because he was a black man. One passage that really stuck out to me was on page 36. Moreese said "Since I been locked up, I lost all my family mostly... The judge is dead, the DA's dead. Everybody's passed on but me." That to me is just stupid, no one even remembers or knows why he was there all they have to base off of is his old records. This passage brought the most emotion out of me and that is why it means the most to me so far.


  1. Your poem turned out a lot better than mine haha, good job!

  2. Its nice to see that the story of Moreese Bickham was liked by a lot of people and not just me.

  3. I love your poem! I have a little nephew so I think it's sweet the way you describe your relationship and him.