Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Stewart Exploration three

"But he made a promise to our Blessed Mother for the grace of health, sometime in his lifetime he would build a shrine in her honor" This had a great affect on me because I found it amazing that someone would spend their whole life building or finishing a shrine for someone else. I just can't see something like that worth doing for anything or anybody. I feel that it was more important to them because it was a religious shrine but it's not something that I would do. I guess when it comes to our culture this is how far we will go when we truly believe in something. we will spend every minute of everyday doing something if our hearts are involved in it and we are determined to see it through until the end.
The research I done was about determination and I found that determination can bring the best out of us. It is a tool the we use to defeat discouragement and temporary failure. It also builds character and it helps us become a reliable people. Just like the priest relied on the next priest to finish his grotto and without determination he wouldn't have built character therefor he would have not kept his promise.



  1. Determination is the key to any type of success, and I agree it truthfully brings out the best in people. It would be crazy to see what the world would be like if everyone was as determined as the Priests in this profile!

  2. It's amazing what determination can bring you. I can't imagine devoting my entire life to honer someone else. It's great that people can be so selfless, but to what extent is too much?

  3. I agree with you. Determination is definitely something these priests have. The picture is very cool, its amazing that somebody has the skill to make that.

  4. Determination is the key to anything. If no one had determination to go to school or do there job, i feel like most thing wouldn't be accomplished. The Determination this man had to get the Grotto done was amazing.