Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Nathan Carey Introduction

Hello everybody, my name is Nathan Carey, I am a freshmen here at Ohio State. I am going to take two years here at Marion, and two down at main campus. I am planning on majoring in business, although I do not know what I am specializing in yet. I graduated from River Valley last year, and played football there. I enjoy sports, hunting, fishing, and hanging out with friends. My fun fact was that this past summer I went to Alaska.

My process for composing my poem started by answering some of the questions that were required to be in the poem. Once I answered about eight  of the questions, I started to try to do some of my poem. I took the main points of my answers, and tried to include those in my poem. The challenges for me of the writing the poem is that I really do not enjoy poetry, so it was difficult to stay focused. I was surprised that I completed the poem in about a half hour. The poem turned out a little bit better than I expected because I was not sure how well it would turn out.

The profile that has meant the most to me from Holding On is ''Steam Train'' Maury Graham. It has meant the most mainly because I liked the passage the most of any others. His story is very interesting to me, it had lots of humor to go along with his message of freedom. One passage I liked from the profile is "He'd say: I'm a class a little higher than that. Have you got any work I can do?''. In this passage he was referring to bums and how they are different from hobos and himself. Maury Graham does not want something for nothing, he believes in working to earn it. It kind of goes against what I normally would associate with a hobo, so it was interesting to hear this profile.


  1. Nice Post, i feel the same way about poems

  2. If you liked Graham's profile you should check out the film Riding The Rails made by PBS. It's very interesting.