Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Luke McCoy

My name is Luke McCoy and I am a sophomore at The Ohio State University. I am a transfer from Otterbein University in Westerville, Ohio. I am majoring in Business, but I am not sure what specialty I will go into. I was born and raised in Marion, and also live here currently. A fun fact about me is that my father and uncle have a landscape business together and I plan to eventually take over the company, the company is called McCoy Landscape Services Inc.

The process of composing my poem was a struggle. I am new to writing poetry and had a hard time with this. I struggled with collecting my ideas and then putting them into words for the poem. The biggest surprise I had was to make the poem have a "flow" to it. I couldn't seem to make it transition from one topic to another, smoothly. I wasn't quite sure what to expect out of my poem, but I did do it rather quickly and that could be why I think it is mediocre. 

The Holding On profile that meant the most to me so far was Moreese Bickham, he was a prisoner in the Louisiana State Penitentiary. It connected with me because I couldn't imagine being in his situation and having to be in prison for a very large chunk of my life for defending myself. My favorite passage from this profile is when he said, "but I know that as long as there's life, there's hope." This was very cool to me and it opens up my eyes because he is saying this as he is in prison, in a 6x8 prison cell. That is what makes him saying this spectacular. He also talks about how he always tries to give hope to the younger inmates, because "if he lose that, there's nothin' to hang on to."


  1. I agree with you that the poem was a struggle, I do not enjoy poetry either.

  2. Luke, this was also my favorite passage from the reading! The quote that you selected was also something that I had highlighted. I just couldn't believe that after 35 years he was still holding on and making the best of everything. I'm happy someone else thought it was as inspiring as me.

  3. Wow! thats neat that you may take over the McCoy company. And yeah, Moreese was one of my favorites, I felt really bad for him but his story had a great ending thankfully.