Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Michelle Heacock's Introduction

Hi, my name is Michelle Dawn Heacock and I am a sophomore here as OSUM, majoring in Early Childhood Education. I transferred here from Malone University, because I wanted to be closer to home since I live in Mount Gilead. I graduated from Mount Gilead High school in 2011, and I was very active in high school. I played volleyball, basketball, and softball, and I was in the student council, as well as National Honor Society and show choir. Right now I am going to school, coaching middle school basketball, and just recently got a job at Subway. In the fall I also coached middle school volleyball.

My family is very close to me and every Sunday after church we all meet up at my grandma's house for lunch and cards. We have done this for as long as I can remember, and it's a blessing to be able to see my family every weekend because I know many families are not this close. Unfortunately, this past week, my uncle passed away and it was extremely difficult for us all. However, we are helping each other out as much as possible and getting through it the best that we can.

When I heard that we were going to be writing a poem about a friend, I was not sure who I was going to pick. I have some friends that I have grown apart from and could have written about but none of them seemed right. Then I saw a picture of my niece and it instantly hit me that I would write it about her. Once I wrote down ideas and started getting into it, the poem came fairly easy to me. I did go through and make some changes throughout the week, and although I am still not completely sure about whether I like it or not, this was the best that I could come up with.

My Sunshine
The first thing I see when she walks through that door
Is her sweet angel face that I love more and more.
From the moment our eyes meet, I always hear her coo
With that precious little voice, “Michelle! I missed you!”

The touch of her warmth envelopes my heart
For I know that our adventures are soon to start.
The music begins as she grabs my hand tight
Song after song we dance away the night.

With bedtime soon approaching, I know that I must dare
To start a tickle fight, and there’s laughter in the air.
Before I lay her down, she looks at me in wonder;
She always has a question that leaves me to ponder.
“Will you sleep with me, tonight?” she says in a soft tone.
“I like being with you, and I don’t wanna be alone.”

How could I resist those eyes I love the most?
So I sank down beside her and snuggled up real close.
The night is at an end and tomorrow she’ll be gone,
But nothing can replace this memory I’ve drawn.

The profile that has meant the most to me so far is "Steam Train" Maury Graham. He was a hobo who traveled around the country going from camp to camp. He left home when he was a young boy because he had a broken family. However, living the hobo life gave him another family that took care of him and welcomed him in even when they had no idea who he was. He says,

"So I would always carry a few little pretty stones, and just throw them on the ground when I come into a camp...if it's a bunch of hoboes, they see that rock on the ground, and right away I'm under their wing and I share their dinner...I'd be taken care of and looked after, and that was good for a kid thirteen years old" 
(pg. 19-20)

 Not many people would do that, especially nowadays. Also, many people today would be ashamed to say that they're a hobo, but Maury was not ashamed one bit. He lived his life proudly and was sure to show it. This shows that the true meaning of family are those who care for you, look after you, and protect you when the going gets tough. My family means a lot to me, so I can relate how these people, Maury's new family, must have meant to him.

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