Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Chris Cheeseman

My name is Chris Cheeseman. My friends call me Chris or cheese. I’m a sophomore mechanical engineering major and I also have an associate’s degree in mechanical engineering. I spend the majority of my time working and attending classes but in my spare time I play guitar and hang out with friends. My dad is currently fulfilling his lifetime dream of sailing to different parts of the world on a sailboat that he restored himself.

I spent about fifteen minutes deciding who I wanted to write my poem to/about. In the end I decided to write it about a few of my buddies that I used to be in a band with.  I’m not much of a writer so the greatest challenge was just composing the poem in general. More specifically, it was difficult to make the different elements flow together. I suppose it turned out alright considering the fact that I didn’t have very high hopes for it to begin with.

So far, my favorite profile from Holding On has been Moreese Bickham. I can’t really say that I connect with him or his profile considering that he is in prison for life, but I guess I was just inspired by his ability to think positively despite all that has happened to him. He has a remarkable sense of hope and faith although one wouldn’t expect him to. One passage that really shows this is on page thirty-seven:

"See, we can't hurry the Lord--He got his own set time to do what He gonna do. I might be too old to walk, or might not be worth anything, but I'm goin' to get outta this. I been lookin' forward to that day for a long time. I believe its gonna come. I hope so."


  1. Howdy Chris!
    Cheese may be one of the most interesting nicknames I have heard in a while. It's cool that you play guitar, I'm currently learning to play myself, though I'm not very good. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has trouble getting their poems to flow well, it's one of my biggest worries when I finish a poem.

  2. We had the same favorite quote form Bickham's story. I'm glad that he finally got out and could spend his last years with his family. It's really cool that your dad is sailing around the world. I would love to do that someday but I get sea-sick easily :(

  3. I think the sailboat thing is really cool if i was you i would have gone with him but school is important to i guess

  4. It is interesting that your dad is sailing to different parts of the world. Also were in the same physics class. Yay for Engineers.

    1. Yeah he is a a little odd.

      The same, awful, physics class.