Monday, January 28, 2013

Exploration Three

“Donald Bean came up with the idea for the theme park in the late 1950s when he happened upon a similar roadside attraction in Oregon while vacationing with his wife, Yvonne. “Soon as I saw that I said, ‘That’s what I want to do!’ So I did do it.””

This is a passage from Donald Bean’s profile in Holding One on page 69. This quote has some meaning to me because it shows that if you see something and you want to do it, then you should go out and try to accomplish it. This is a good quote because most of the time you do not hear of people who will build a theme park after they went to one. What this tells us about our culture is that if you have an idea for something, then you can have the ability to go out and accomplish what you set out to do. Throughout our country there are many different theme attractions that people have started just because they had a dream about it and wanted to accomplish it.

The theme in this profile is that you should follow your dream, but you shouldn’t follow it if you know you can’t attain it. While doing some research around the web, I wanted to find how many people accomplished their dreams but couldn’t. I did however find four reasons why people do not accomplish their dreams. Those four reasons that I found were criticism, dread, setbacks, and desire dies. These all make sense since many people do give up on their dreams, but there are a few who do accomplish their dreams, like in the profile with Donald Bean.

The article that I found can be looked at here:


  1. It's very saddening to know that people would give up on their dreams over criticism. It's even more upsetting knowing that someone would be so bold as to tell another that their dream, no matter how outlandish, isn't worth it. That takes a certain kind of person to put someone down like that. You should follow your dreams to the end without worrying what anyone else thinks.

  2. I really liked Bean's profile as well. I loved that he followed his dream even if it meant he was risking everything.

  3. I agree with you on the underlying theme of dream attainment in Bean's profile. I think that it's really cool he was able to make his dream come true and is proud of it even though it didn't attract as many people as he would have hoped.

  4. i thought Donald Bean was a cool profile to read because he saw a dream and he chased it. it might of not been successful but at least he made it happen