Monday, January 28, 2013

Chris (Exploration 3)

"Man, you mean to tell me that you think I'd charge you five dollars to get something to cure your little girl?" --Tommie Bass

I think that this quote really highlights a major issue in our society today. It appears as if acts of selflessness and the common good are less and less prevalent as time goes on. I wouldn't know for sure but by the way you hear adults talk about the past and this decline in moral fiber from generation to generation, it seems as if this is the case. His display of selflessness and a willingness to help those in need is just inspirational. I believe that most people enjoy the opportunity to witness a kind act or in this case, read about one because it is uplifting and comforting to think, even for just a moment, that there's hope someone would do the same for you.

In my own life I tend to try and be helpful when a person is in need but each time that I experience a negative consequence when helping someone it makes me think more and more that I shouldn't worry about helping other people. I would like to believe that other people feel the same way and that this may be the reason that we are seeing a decline in societies willingness to lend a helping hand. For instance, you don't tend to pick up hitchhikers, or stop to help someone on the side of the road. Most people don't get lifesaving medical attention for free, out of the goodness of a doctors heart. I think that what this profile tells us about our culture is that overall we are a bit selfish.

A theme from this profile is the effectiveness of herbal/home remedies:

There are roughly 783000 deaths per year related to modern medicine. That's a bit of an eye opener. Obviously there a number of lives saved by modern medicine as well, so we can't judge modern medicine too quickly. There are a number of herbal/home remedies that are effective in relieving common symptoms, which is mostly what the average individual takes over/under the counter medicine for.


  1. We now live in a society where not only do people lack the ability to help one another, but where there is no respect for one another. If you look at the younger generation (let's say age 11-15), they care not for their elderly grandparents and nothing for their parents and it's often shown on TV. Are they copying what they see, or is it now the social norm to be a complete ass?

    It's sad to think the days of helping your neighbor may just be coming to an end, and it might partially be blamed on the crime rates and lack of trust. When that rare person goes out of their way to help another, people get that warm feeling in their heart, but that is about it.

  2. I didn't actually realize the death toll was so high for modern medicine. I imagine the reasons vary, but regardless, that's still a pretty drastic number. I almost want to compare it to the death toll when we didn't have modern medicine. But a part of me really doesn't want to know how many died without it either. It's hard to imagine with all of our new sanitary policies that this amount of damage can still happen.

  3. Its something ingrained in human nature to distrust the outsider, anyone you don't know can fall into that category. Most people just don't want to put forth the effort required to get over that, its sad but true.

  4. i agree with you about how people are now less often to helps others out and just ignore whats going on in front of them

  5. That number is rather surprising i was thinking maybe like 100k or something that definitely makes me think that there has to be better ways to treat things than just a pill. good post