Thursday, February 14, 2013

A fun Mini Cooper Ride

For the past few months, my friends and I will go out and see the latest movies but each one of use will drive ourselves there since we are coming from work or other activities. My friends who went to see two movies in one day was Paul B, Paul O and Jacob. The first movie that we went to see at Crosswoods in Worthington, was Taken 2. After we had seen this movie, we wanted to go get some food before the second movie started. It was around dinner time and was raining outside so we decided to drive to Chipotle, which was right down the road. We all didn’t want to drive ourselves individually there, so we ended up taking Jacob’s car since it was a Mini Cooper. Jacob is the kind of person who like to drive wild in his car but only when there is no one around, usually doing drifting in parking lots. After we had gotten our dinner, we wanted to go to Kroger’s to get some snacks for the next movie and luckily Kroger’s was right around the counter.

After we had done some walking around Kroger’s we ended up going back to Crosswoods to see our next movie, Loopers. We had a few minutes to kill before my friends and I had wanted to go inside the theater. We had encouraged Jacob to go into a parking lot adjacent to Crosswoods parking lot to do some drifting. He then went into the adjacent lot and started to drift but then he lost some control of the car since the road was slippery after it had rained recently. The upside to this story is that we were moving at a relatively slow speed, around 20 to 30 miles per hour, and everyone had their seat belts on. All I know is that we had hit the curve and the car had made a very bad sound. All my friends and I just stared out of the car until we finally went out to see what had happened. When we inspected the car, we had found out that rim on the tire had been crushed into the tire but there was no damage to the body itself. Jacob took the car back to the theatre’s parking lot but we noticed that when we went straight, the steering wheel would shake from left to right. We were going to deal with this problem after we went to see Loopers.

When we got done watching Loopers, we attempted to fix the wheel.It was around midnight and was raining out. We all didn’t feel like doing it, but we had to in order to drive the car home. Get the spare tire off the car tool the longest because a Mini Cooper has it hidden under the car with a cover over it. We didn’t get to change the tire since the bolts on the spare tire’s cover wouldn’t come off. What was funny about this problem is that Jacob said “My dad had told me to check my spare tire.” Since it was late at night and my friends and I could not change the tire, Jacob drove his Mini Cooper home but had Paul O’s car leading so that no one would cut Jacob off. Finally, the car was able to make it back to Jacob’s house. He ended up buying all new tires since he needed to get it done a sometime. At the end of this event, my friend Paul B said “Maybe we should all check our spare tires” which all of us did after this whole event.

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  1. I can't believe you waited until after all the movies to deal with the tire! I wouldn't even be in the mood to see any movie if that was my car!