Monday, February 18, 2013

StewartD Exploration 5

Drew Stewart
English 2367
Exploration 5
I can remember it was about five years ago during the summer time when I done the stupidest thing I have ever done in my life. I was hanging out with two of my friends Durron and Shawn, and on this day we were at Durrons house down in his half-finished basement playing Gears of War. This was one of Durron’s favorite video games because it was the only game no one could beat him in. Durron was very competitive only if he knew he can win, he was also the type of person that if you weren’t his friend he was your worst enemy. He was the friend in our group that would push the limits and he would always try to drag you along for the ride. Shawn was the complete opposite of his brother Durron even though Shawn was Durrons old brother by a year he was about two feet shorter than him so he never challenged Durron on anything. We had been playing this one game all day and I was tired and I was ready to go home Durron said no and suggested that we go out and have a little fun. I asked what does that mean and he then pulled out two pump action BB guns. He said that we were going to go get pay back for the theft of some of his property that was stolen during the school year. We all knew who stole his property because the kid that done it told a bunch of people that he did to it and the word got back to us. Durron got his property back but that wasn’t enough for him wanted to teach this guy a lesson. He said that Shawn was going to drive us by this guy’s house and we were going to shoot out the widows of his newly bought and newly painted dodge truck. With no hesitation I agreed to go because Durron has helped me get even before, we never done anything this extreme before but I did feel obligated to help him. Shawn on the other hand didn’t want to go but after Durron and I pressured him for about ten minutes he was on board. It was about one in the morning and it was a clear dark night as we went out looking for this guy’s car, we knew what street he lived on but we didn’t know what house. We turn on his street and it felt like the longest street I’ve ever been on in my life. I roll down the window as I’m pumping the BB gun with my sweaty hands, the breeze hit’s my face and I immediately got goose bumps. My heart is pumping because I see the car and I know what I’m about to do. Shawn slows down I take aim and fire the back right widow shatters and before the glass could hit the ground Durron fires and shatters the passenger side window the alarm goes off. I say to Shawn go, go, go but Durron yells stop and Shawn slammed on the brakes. Durron gets out of the car and goes and throws a handful of pennies at the side of this car he runs back and jumps in the car. The kitchen light came on as we are speeding away, we are ecstatic that we just got away with this, we are laughing and joking about what just happen and then we turn onto the street where Durron lives and then we see cop lights. My heart sank and I immediate began pray as I put my legs over the BB guns to try to hide them for the cop. I asked God that if he got me out of this situation I would never do anymore bad things in my life. The officer walks up to the car and he says to Shawn did he know he didn’t have any head lights on. Shawn says he is sorry and he meant to turn them on but he was in a rush. The cop says that we could have killed someone or ourselves and he begins to give us a lecture about safety as he is checking Shawn’s license. I could only think about going to jail and losing my job I didn’t want to think about what my parents were going to do to me if I got arrested because that would have broke me down I was already on the verge of tears. But God came through that day and the officer gave Shawn back his license and we were on our way. This experience scared me straight because I was too close to going to jail and ever since that day I have tried to do the right thing.

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  1. Very scary situation! But all you can do is live and learn from your mistakes, because we all make them. I know I've defnititely made some choices that I wish I could take back. But God forgives us no matter what, and He always has our back.