Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Great Storm (2012)

It was the late summer of 2012; I was outside enjoying the breeze with my fiance at his father's home. My fiance, who's usually playing with his young half brother, or talking in depth with his father about music, was inside, watching TV with his father, who is generally a quiet and laid back type of guy. I remember looking out into the fields and seeing a dark mass of clouds approaching, but I paid little notice and continued talking to my fiance's step mom when all of a sudden, a powerful wind swept up, instantly causing me to turn in excitement towards the storm that had seemed so far away moments ago. It was now upon us, causing the once sunny sky to be cloaked in darkness. My fiance and his father ran outside to put down the tarp that was on a camper they had recently sold. I ran out to help, just as a sheet or rain hit me hard in the side. "Careful!" I yelled, "Ouch! the rain!" I tried to grab it, feeling it lift me off the ground, "ahh! it's like a tornado out here!

 They could barely hold the tarp now, it was violently ripped from their struggling hands and we ducked as two trash bins flew over our heads and into the deep fire pit in the back of the yard. I decided to give up in my aid since the rain was pelting so hard it stung and I could feel gritty dirt hitting my face as well amongst the insane wind. In a mad hurry I ran, stopping and ducking behind a car when I felt for sure a tornado was going to swallow me up. The wind slowed for a small second and I continued my dash to the door, making it in just before the rest of the family. I was deeply worried inside since they had no basement in case of a tornado which I felt for sure was coming. But I remained calm, since my fiance's young half brother was there, starring in excitement as we watched the storm tear apart the camper. Loud claps of lightning made me back up from the windows, and I gulped as the electricity went out. My fiance, was as calm as could be, looking up the weather forecast on his phone, his calmness was contagious and soon we all were sitting and patiently waiting for the storm to pass. His father though was upset but calm as well, the camper was destroyed, which meant, no selling it any time soon. Within a hour, after the rain had turned to dime sized hail it had passed, leaving trees and power lines down everywhere. We found out that a tornado did touch a few rooftops on down the road, we weren't surprised.


  1. That's a shame about the camper. Glad everyone's okay!

  2. I liked this post. It was very descriptive. I always enjoy reading very descriptive literature because It seems so much more real.