Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Exploration 5 Austin Kniffin

Stretching 6 lines wide the highway in the heart of Atlanta Georgia is both confusing and extremely busy. With speeds reaching up to 70mph, the Atlanta highway can nerve wrecking for even the most skilled and experienced drivers.

"I clocked you at 73" says the officer.
"I'm sorry officer i am not from around here i was just moving with the flow of traffic i am kind of lost to be honest" I said. "I am only 3 over the speed limit though can't you just let me go?" I asked.
"3 over?.."the officer says. "Your are 23 over, the speed limit is 50mph right here" the officer sarcastically says. 
"What?" I say to him, "It was 70mph the last time i looked, it is a 6 lane highway? Your are telling me it turns into 50 randomly?" I blurt out.
"Yes it does" The cop rudely snaps back.
Out of all of the cities to speed in, i chose the wrong city. In Atlanta, GA anything over 20mph is called "Super Speeder" which is in a category all its own. Breaking the news to my Dad was honestly the worst part..
"Are you #$%#$% kidding me Austin?" My dad yells at me. "You are telling me that you had no idea that the speed limit changed? You are going to pay every penny of this ticket and not to mention the extra money it will cost me a month in insurance fees that YOU WILL PAY" My dad screaming.

$550 later, 8 hours of defensive driving class, and non stop lectures from my parents, I survived my one and only ticket as a teenager. I still remember my Dad's words over 2 years later because it was the most pissed off i had ever seen him (Almost). The cop who gave me the ticket will be stuck in my head for probably the rest of my life. "Over weight, Balding, jet black hair"  and looked like the guy from "Tommy Boy" (minus the black hair).

"Tommy" from the movie "Tommy Boy"
 I will always remember "Officer Waiter from the Atlanta Highway Patrol"...and that's probably not a good thing!


  1. This was a very well done story. I also like the fact that you added a photo to it. It helped me visualize what the cop looked like.

  2. haha I know it probably wasn't funny at the time, but the fact the officer looked like Tommy Boy is so great ! I don't know how you kept a straight face..

  3. I am glad I have never been pulled over, most cops seem to think they are pretty tough stuff, but you would think it would be faster than 50 mph with 6 lanes.

  4. The fact that the officer looked like Tommy Boy made me laugh. But that really suck that you got pulled over. At least you know the speed limit now haha

  5. haha nice picture! Getting a ticket sucks! And parents never do help the situation it seems.

  6. haha nice picture. That is a ridiculous amount of money for a speeding ticket!! Everyone else was going that fast too??