Saturday, February 16, 2013

Exploration Five

It was a cold and rainy day in Tennessee. My mom, dad and I decided to vacation in Tennessee that year. We went to Gatlinburg for the day.  Our  very large cabin that we were staying in was in the Smokey Mountains.

 Well on our way back to the Smokey Mountains it began to rain and thunder like crazy. My mom, always worried about the dogs, began to freak out a little bit because we left our two dogs in that huge cabin all day while we went to Gatlinburg. My mom had a feeling that the power would be out because the storm was so bad. So she was worried about the dogs while my dad is freaking out about the storm. As you can see they always have different priorities on their mind. If you have ever been to Tennessee then you know that the roads and signs are crazy there. Every road leads in a windy path and every sign points straight up instead of the direction to go. So my dad is worried about driving on the roads and trying to follow the signs and read them since its raining so bad, and I'm in the back seat just in my own little world. By the way I was only about 10 years old, so its expected for me not to pay attention as to what is going on.

Well eventually my dad did get lost. We just kept driving around until finally my dad gave in and said "huny, I don't know where I'm going." My mom tried to stay calm as she always does when we're lost and my parents began to navigate how to get back to the smokey mountains. Every road we would take or my dad would try to turn down we always came to these signs that would point up. My dad began to freak out and he started saying things like "oh my gosh, I don't know what to do." " where do I turn ?! Into heaven ?!" By this point my mom and I are trying not to laugh because of how dramatic my dad was being.

We finally turned down one road that had a small old beat up shack of a house. My dad pulled in the drive way to see if we could ask for directions. A man was sitting on the pourch, he came down to our car in old beat up clothes and he looked like a typical red neck. My dad got out of the car and started to ask the man for directions. My dad couldn't understand the man though because he was so drunk that all of his words slured. So he looked in the car and said "huny will you please come out here and help me?" My mom got out of the car and the man began to explain the directions again. Well that still wasn't working. So finally the man goes "wait right here, I got something to make your life a lot easier." Once the man said that my dad had a look of panic on his face and turned to my mom and said " great.  He is going to get his shot gun." The man finally came back to our car and drew my dad a stick map. When I say stick map I means lines. Nothing but lines.

We finally left the mans house and oddly enough.. That stick map worked ! We got back to our cabin and sure enough the power was out but our dogs were okay.

Later that night we laughed and laughed until we peed our pants about the situation we had just been in earlier that day. And in fact we still laugh about that eventful day to this day. In addition to that, we have never gone back to Tennessee and will never.


  1. Never underestimate the power of a stick map! I'm glad it all worked out. Your dad seemed to be giving it his best. Poor guy. C:

  2. Your dad seems to be an interesting character. Love how dramatic he seems!

  3. Pretty funny story, unless you guys would not have found your way out. I am sure driving through the hills of Tennessee is pretty difficult.