Sunday, February 10, 2013

Exploration 4

When watching First Position you could see how much all the dancers loved ballet. First position did a good job at showing all the different types of people that do ballet. The person i liked the most was Aran. Aran was only 11 years old and even to someone who knows nothing about ballet you can tell he is very good. You can also see he is very dedicated to dancing becuase even though his family travels between military bases he makes sure he finds the best dance studio even when he has to drive 2 hours away just to get to it. "I love it so much its hard to explain" Aran said this when he was decribing how he feels about ballet. To see a 11 year old kid chasing his dreams and putting all the hard work into something he love is inspiring. And to see at the end all his hard work pay off and get the overall best dancer award.

Another thing that was so great about this movie was the dancers journys to get where they are today. For example Michaela journy was nothing like anyone elses. She lost her whole family at a young age in west africa, she was then living at a orphanage in west africa where no one would adopt her becuase of her skin discoloration. But she got lucky and a family adopted her and another girl from the orphanage. "its a miracle i am here, i thought i was dreaming" to know that she could easily be still at the orphanage or even dead its amazing to see where is today with a scholarship for ballet.

Another persons journy who i found intresting was Joan. Joan was a 16 year old columbian living in New York while his whole family is in columbia. That alone would be hard for any person. But on top of being away from family he had all this presure to get a scholarship for ballet. At 16 years old his life was riding on a sholarship for dancing." sometimes you wake up and your bodys sore you say why am i doing this i want to quit and go live with my family". To put yourself thorugh that takes alot of dedication and love for dancing. And at the end of the movie we get to see all his work pay off and he gets the scholarship.


  1. Very nicely written. I really liked the paragraph about Joan. His story was fascinating and i was so happy that he got a scholarship at the end of the show!

  2. I really liked your paragraph about Michaela. I also wrote about her in my post.

  3. I very much agree how amazing it is that Aran had so much drive to do what he loved. You would think having a family that travels so much you would have time to do something you loved very much. I really liked your post and it was well written.