Sunday, February 10, 2013

Exploration 4

The film was pretty interesting as it gave lots of information on all the characters and how they really feel about ballet. These young people acquired their vision mostly from their parents or friends for the most part.  My quote from my film notes is "All of the kids dream of having a career in ballet by getting a job or a scholarship  except Jules". To have a career in this they have to be completely dedicated to practice, and can't do many things that most young kids normally do. The kids sacrifice their bodies to injury, social lives, and most of their time to ballet. The larger culture makes it harder on these kids because ballet is not the most liked sport in the United States. It's very expensive which can be hard on the families, and there tends to be stereotypes against kids that do ballet especially boys, so they can get teased at school and other things.

It really surprised me how far some of the characters have came just for ballet. Like, how Aran's family stayed in Italy so he could continue learning from his teacher, and Joan moved from Columbia to the United States to get a job in ballet. Even though most of these kids received lots of support from their families for anything they need, they can be over bearing sometimes and try to push too hard. Also, some families probably are not as supportive as these character's. My perception towards dancers has changed some what because I did not realize how hard they trained and how much time they put towards being the best at it.


  1. I agree. To support your first paragraph Miko comes to mind. She tells the audiance how she misses her friends, but she's too dedicated to dance really to go back to school (or that is vibe).

  2. The parents in this film really support their kids, the dreams these kids have is very expensive and demanding.