Monday, February 18, 2013

Exploration Five

cruch, cruch, cruch, snap!
I can't still here the try October leaves and small breakings crumbling under our feet.
"Hey, I think I see it over there!" shouted Ryan
"Shhhh! Someone might here us!" I whispered back!
"Who? Its just us four in a woods" He replied hastily
"Just how every horror movied starts, four teenagers in a woods breaking into an abandoned house" Hayley wimpers. 

As we are making our way through the woods, past the overgrown train tracks, we spot the decaying porch on the haunted house of Bethel Road. 

"You go inside first!:
"No!, You open the door!"

Before I knew we were inside the old haunted house!
As we made it up each broken down old step,
The top step snapped and bats came flooding down the hall!
We ran for the door like our lives depended on it and haven't returned since!

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