Friday, February 8, 2013

Exp. 4: First Position

Before this film, I never realized how intense ballet dancing really was. I just thought it was something people did for plays, or just for an extra activity. I did not realize that the performances were so competitive, and that scholarships and interns were given out at these performances.These scholarships, though, are very important to some of these dancers lives. Joan Sebastian, who is from Colombia, said "My life is gonna change," when he won his scholarship. He grew up not having very much, but his dream was always to be a dancer. I think it is amazing how he was able to move away from his family, and still work so hard to achieve his dream. I could tell that it was very hard for him, but it paid off in the end.

Another thing that surprised me in this film is was how so many people thought Michaela wouldn't make it as a dancer because of the color of her skin. Many people say "black girls can't dance ballet," but Michaela proved that to be wrong. Even through her achilles injury, she was able to perform a beautiful routine, ending with a scholarship win. Michaela also did not have much growing up in Africa. She got lucky to even be adopted because no one wanted her since she had spots on her skin. Through all of these things though, she never gave up. She kept on fighting to live out her dream to be a ballet dancer, despite what anyone said about her.


  1. I loved Michaela and Joan Sebastian's stories. To have gone through so much and still stand strong is The others worked hard too, but Joan is coming from poorer than poor, and Michaela might not have even lived past 10 had not her family adopted her.

    I wish there was a follow up film to First Position. It would be interesting to see where they are at now.

    1. I agree! A follow up video would be very interesting!

  2. I agree with you, I didn't realize how intense ballet was either, and how it really is almost like a one in a million chance. I also loved how Michaela proved everyone wrong despite what all of the critics said.

  3. Yeah as sad as Michaela's story began, it definatley has a happy turn now, living in America, with parents who love her to pieces and getting a scholarship as a dallet dancer, what a story.

  4. The drive that those guys had was really something to see, I really have not seen people with so much ambition and how sure they are of themselves, especially in people who are so young.