Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Exploration 5

Last July, Julie, Ashley, Elizabeth and I all worked at the pool in Candlewood Lake and became close friends. We were hanging out and decided to do something different instead of watching television all night. We drove to Galion and went into Gyers Market. We bought toilet paper, bologna, and saran wrap at 2:00 in the morning. As we were checking out the lady at the cash register told us to be careful because she knew what we were up to and she asked why we had bologna. We explained that we were going to put it on the windows of a car, for fun. She thought we were going to have a lot of fun and she wished she could join.
Julie’s ex-boyfriend lives in the country and he was on vacation for the week with his family. We pulled up to his house and quickly turned off the headlights so his neighbors wouldn’t notice. We drove around his barn to park. As soon as we stepped out of the car his four dogs were barking non-stop. Julie ran over to the dogs to pet them and to keep them quiet. We could not stop laughing because of all the excitement and nerves.
Ashley and I took the several packages of saran wrap and ran over to Joe’s car. We ran around the car making many layers of plastic. Julie started with the toilet paper and ran to the front of the house. He has about ten big trees surrounding his house, so he was the perfect target. After Ashley and I ran out of saran wrap we took the bologna and put it onto Joe’s windshield. Then we began to look for Elizabeth. She was over near the car we drove there. We called her over to us and as she was running she didn’t notice the wire fence. She wiped out and started to hysterically laugh. She was always falling over and being a klutz so we thought it was no big deal. Thinking she was okay, Ashley and I walked over to her and started laughing until we saw the blood on her leg.
Ashley and I called for Julie to come around from the other side of the house. Elizabeth had two sets of cuts across her legs from the fence. She said she was fine so we gathered up the trash and put it in our car getting ready to leave. Although our main idea was to toilet paper Joe’s house completely, we had fun even if our job wasn’t completely done. Thinking back on this summer, I cannot wait for more memories with my friends but hopefully not as many scars.


  1. What a crazy story! I have never done anything like that but have definitely contemplated it! did you guys ever get caught or did the ex boyfriend ask your friend if she did it?

    1. It turns out that Julie and Joe got back together. They are still dating and she told him about our activities that evening. He figured it was her and we laugh about it today.

  2. That's sounds like so much fun. I had a moment like this last year during Senior Shootout and it was probably the funniest thing ever. Instead of saran wrapping the car we saran wrapped the front of the garage so when our friend pulled out he would hit the saran wrap instead.

  3. I have had many memories like that with my friends minus the cuts. It's always the best to hear the person you got complain about how they had to clean up the mess the next day too.

  4. Haha wish I had that much fun during summer. Glad you weren't caught.