Monday, February 18, 2013

How to format your typed Transcripts posted by Mike

Student Name
Class name and time
Teacher name
Date due

Format Guide for Transcripts

For the transcripts, you will listen to the tapes and type up both everything you said, and what your subject said.  Use single-spacing, but double-space manually between exchanges, and if you have a very long section, just create paragraphs on your own for readability.

Format the question and answer exchanges as follows, using bold to highlight who the speaker is and a colon to indicate the passage of conversation to follow.


Me:  Hello Mr. Jones.  Thanks so much for meeting me today.  I was just admiring your collection of stuffed coyotes here.  Where did you get your interest in hunting?

Jones:  I first started hunting wolves and coyotes on the plains of Siberia as a youth.  My Uncle Vladimir gave me my first lessons in trapping and then I continued from there.  Uncle Vladimir had a heavy brogue in his accent so I understood virtually nothing of what he said, but I learned a lot by watching him in action.

And so on. You get the idea.

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