Friday, February 8, 2013

Exploration four

"I won't stop. Even if I'm injured, even if I'm sick, I still dance."

The character I chose was Michaela.
Her story was such and inspiration to me to always follow my dreams.
 I was so surprised to hear about Michaela's story and what she had to go through before she came to America. She lived during the war with the rebels and is still alive, which says so much.
I believe that one of Michalea's big challenges was dealing with the stereotyping. She said she had many people tell her that she could never be a ballerina because she is black. That shows how much drive and persistence she has to keep going and contiune in ballet despite the critics.
The fact that Michaela also has to color her tutus so that they will match her skin color says a lot too. Again, despite what people say she keeps dancing and moving on. Which leads me into how supportive her mother is. Her mom colors all of her tutus for her and supports her 100% of the way. She just wants Michaela to be happy and do what she loves.
Michaela's story is such and inspiring one, and a story we can all learn something from.


  1. The quote that you gave does give inspiration because it shows that someone will keep working even thought they are injured. Michaela's story was a very good story in this movie.

  2. I was so touched that her parents were so helpful with her dreams. Even after all of the comments about her race, she had a drive to keep going and continue to dance. Her one quote you mentioned sums that up nicely. She wasn't going to quit no matter what.

  3. Michaela's story was such a tear jerker. I think it's wonderful that she eventually wants to open a dance studio back in her home country so that other girls can have the same opportunity. After all that she has overcome she deservers the scholarship that she got and i hope that she does well in dance throughout her life.

  4. Nice post. I liked the quote that you used. Michaela was my second choice for a specific example. I think the fact that her parents adopted her and supported her dream so much was inspirational. I definitely agree that we could all learn from her story.