Sunday, February 10, 2013

Exploration Four

I enjoyed watching this documentary "First Position." It taught me a lot of how the dancers trained and the dedication they must endure. The dancers held high goals for themselves. Also their trainers and families pushed them to perform their best. The dancers were different genders, ages, and races. Most of the dancers were very young and had already developed a dream of what they someday wish to become, a professional dancer.
 One individual from the movie that really stuck out to me was Michaela. She was adopted at a young age. She broke the stereotype because she is an African american female dancer. Her mom has to dye her costumes so it blends with her skin tone. Being only fourteen years old, she is focused on her dancing career. She says that she wants to be exactly like the ballerina on the magazine she showed. I was surprised that she has such a strong passion at such a young age.
She has support from her family and her dance coach. At one of the final events Michaela pulled something in her foot that made it difficult to dance. She continued to push herself even with an injury and it ended up all paying off. She received a scholarship. Michaela had to fight the stereotypes and she has an extreme passion for dancing, which is why she stuck out to me the most.

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  1. Yeah I agree with you, I can't believe how hard they train to be great at ballet.