Thursday, February 14, 2013

Exploration 5- Morgan Beveridge

It was the summer before my junior year of high school (2010).  One of the Twilight movies had just been released and my friend Ellie wanted to go see it.  We had both just recently gotten our license that May so the farthest we were allowed to drive was Marion considering its about a half hour drive from where we both live.  I was still just a little bit unstable walking because I had just sprained my ankle a week before hand.  When we got to the Marion mall to go into the theater I decided I was going to leave my crutches in the car instead of having to mess around with them.  When the movie was over and we were walking out the door we had a little more of a walk in the opposite direction then the other people that were there because I had parked by car closer to Joan fabrics instead of Sears, for reasons I don't know why, I just did.  Anyways as we were walking out my friend Ellie begins to say over and over "this doesn't feel right somethings wrong, I think we should run to your car".  I thought Ellie was just messing around because she just likes to goof around like that.  Since I really should have been using my crutches still I told her to go on and run to the car and I will just catch up.  She went ahead and ran towards the car at a little jog, I tried to walk a little bit faster but I was still limping quite a bit.  In the process of going to my car I heard someone yelling stuff like "hey you come here! Hey you! Hey! Come here!" I didn't think anything of it because it's Marion and i just thought a group of kids were goofing around.  I had dropped my keys and had to go back a couple steps to pick them up and as I picked them up this car pulled up in front of me with this man as a driver that I considered to be very "sketchy" looking.  As I started to walk away towards my car the man began yelling "Hey you come here!" at me at the same time my friend Ellie was yelling "unlock you car unlock you car".  I paid no attention to the man and picked up my pace to small jog to my car.  As I approached my car I quickly unlocked it and just as quickly locked it as soon as Ellie and I were both in the car.  As soon as I looked up the man had parked his car right in front of me, blocking my car in every way possible.  I normally try to not think to much into things but  this was starting to scare me.  At this point Ellie was yelling for me to "Go Go Go" but I couldn't.  The man was yelling something else at us, the only thing I could make out was a few choice words he used to call us.  Now I was really scared of what this man wanted from us, I threw my car into drive preparing myself in case I needed run into some cars to get away.  He thankfully pulled away just enough I could get out without having to damage other cars or mine but as I headed out the parking lot the man followed us.  He followed me all the way out of the parking lot and down the road that runs in front of the mall there.  I was not going the speed limit either, I had to run a couple stop lights to get away from this man. 
To this day I do not know what that man wanted.  I didn't know if he was just trying to ask us for directions or if he wanted us to get in his car, I really just don't know.  What I do know is that whether or not the encounter was supposed to be scary or not it was scary.  I was very afraid of that man and so was my friend.  If the man was trying to scare us he succeeded but if he was trying to ask a question he went about it in a very wrong way. 


  1. The Marion Mall is a pretty classy place and I can perfectly picture this happening! It's pretty eerie that you never found out what that man wanted

  2. That definitely would shake you up a little bit. Never know what to expect with creeps in the world. And I agree, if he wanted to ask a question he should have went about it in a different way.