Sunday, February 10, 2013

Exploration 4

When we were young most of us just wanted to play around outside and be with our friends. Most of us didn't even know what we wanted to do in life. As kids we had big ambitious dreams to become a astronaut, a doctor, and even to become the president. In this documentary these kids knew exactly what to do with there lives right when they started.

When I watched this I thought it was so amazing by the drive and the dedication this kids had for ballet. Aran was an 11 year old boy whose father moved around all time because his father was in the military. Yet he never wanted to stop dancing. " I love it so much its hard to explain" - Aran. I believe that if you don't have the passion or drive for something you should do it. Aran had so much passion for ballet and nothing stopped him from doing it.

Nothing stopped Michaela form performing at the competition. She had a bad injury to her foot that if she kept dancing if could have ruined her career. yet she still went out on that stage and gave the performance of her life and In return she got that scholarship in New York City. "Even if I'm sick, even if I'm injured, I still dance." - Michaela

I can also relate to the dancers. I have been dancing since I was about 5 years old. Nothing has stopped me from doing it. Im not aspiring to become a professional ballerina but I still do what I love. I have sprained my ankle many times but I still push through and perform. All these kids have ballet as their passion because it's a way they can express themselves. I know for a fact that I put every inch of feeling I have into dance. Ballet is something where you can let yourself fly and nothing is there stopping you from feeling that moment of graceful peace.


  1. I also thought it was interesting that they were so young but had already decided on what they wanted in life. I think that it is great for them. I also thought that Michaela's story was inspirational.

  2. Arans quote was one of my favorites from the film! It's hard to believe an 11 year old can love something so intensely and be that passionate about it. He was absolutely adorable