Saturday, February 9, 2013

Exploration 4: First Position
The character I most admired was Michaela becuase of her past and how that didnt keep her from discovering her dream to be a ballet dancer. Overall, I really found the whole movie inspiring, each had a powerful story, and each depended on the scholarships and job offers they would be recieving if they succeeded in the finals. Such as Joan from Colombia, who, if he succeeds can paint a better future for himself and poossibly his family. I found it really neat also that each of the parents were encouraging and hard working towards their children reaching their goals, male or female, they just want there kids to be happy. Also, I never thought about how easy it is to become injured and unable to dance, since ballet isn't really natural for the body, yet as Michaela states, "My teachers know I won't stop, even if I'm injured, even if I'm in pain, I will dance." This quote really shows that its passion that keeps them working hard, they love what they do and some have worked their whole lives for this moment. They are living the American dream, which is following your dreams in a land of opportunity, where your dreams can soar.


  1. I like your quote, i too thought Michaela was willing to do whatever it takes to acieve her dream even if it meant dancing on a injured ankle.

  2. I always forget how actually unnatural ballet is for the body to adjust to. Mostly because I forget that the shoes are wooden at the bottom and that takes a lot of muscle and balance to keep up the fluidity of the movement. It's a stress on the body, but they're enjoying what they do, so I guess it works out in the end.

  3. I also wrote a little about the dancer, Michaela. I liked the quote you provided as well. She stood out to me because of her extreme passion to dance. I think she is a true inspiration because of her drive to pursue her dream.