Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Explotation Four-Morgan Beveridge

I found that the dancer Rebecca was the one I found most interesting.  Towards the end of the film I was really hoping that she would get a contract and when she didn't I was disappointed for her.  However when it showed she did get hired later on I was very happy for her.  I was really pulling for all of the dancers, I wanted them all to get an award of some sort. 
I feel that the reason I found Rebecca most interesting was because she is the closest to me in age.  I remember her saying that she feels she has a normal life, that she has friends, goes to school, and she drives.  What really stuck in my mind was when she said "here's me trying to be normal" then showed a picture of her in her cheer uniform.  I found this interesting becasue she wanted to be a normal kid but also wanted to be everything she was in a dancer.  You could tell she really wanted to be a professional dancer but you could also tell she was preparing herself for other outcomes.  You could see the nerves that she was having before she went out and performed, you could see it on all the dancers. 
All of the dancers were determined, they wanted to perform great.  A lot of them said that dancing was a way to express themselves.  Doing what they were doing caused a lot of stress and pain.  For example, Joan was away from his family and he missed them.  He was even considering giving up dancing to be with his family but knew he had to continue to dance.  Another example would be Michaela, she had tendonitis in her leg which caused her so much pain she didn't think she could continue on but she was determined to achieve her goal. 
All of the dancers had great family support.  I feel that Miko and Jules mom wanted it more than they did, well at least than Jules did.  All of the parents wanted to help and do everything possible so that their child could achieve their dream.  Some of the families gave up a lot for dance.  Miko and Jules dad moved his whole company for his kids dance lessons. 
What surprised me about the individual journeys these dancers had was that they were from all over the world.  Aran is originally from the U.S. but lives in Italy on a military base becasue his dad is in the Navy.  Michaela is actually from west Africa but was adopted.  If she wsan't adopted then she would have never had the chacne at becoming a professional dancer.  She has also over come a lot.  Her parents were killed and she saw her teacher being killed as well.  She has certaintly been through and over come many obstacles. 


  1. I agree with what you said about Rebecca preparing her self just in case she didn't become a professional dancer i could see it on her face that she wanted it so bad but she knew that so many people try and so many fail

  2. I was also surprised at how much ballet is popular worldwide. There were literally people from all over the world at their competition, and I couldn't imagine competing with people like that. It was tough enough in high school competing against other schools in sports, but to compete against people from Japan, and Russia, and Israel would be absolutely overwhelming. I applaud these ballet dancers for how much confidence and composure they have.