Sunday, February 10, 2013

First Position

      First Position was a very interesting documentary. I had somewhat of an idea of how hard dancers trained, but I always picture people around 18 to their mid 20's training that hard. It is amazing how hard kids train and how young they are when they start such intensive training. Although all of the kids in the film trained hard and were determined, I thought Michaela was one of the most determined.
     Her story was very inspiring and her dream of becoming a dancer came from the picture on a magazine she saw in an orphanage. Not only did Michaela have to undergo the difficulties of a hard childhood, but inside the dance world she had to beat the stereotypes of dancers. Most ballet dancers are Caucasian and have thin builds, where as black dancers stereotypically have more muscular physiques. On top of fighting stereotypes Michaela also had an injury. "My teachers know I won't stop, even if I'm injured." That just showed the determination that she had to follow this dream of getting a scholarship and then someday bringing ballet to orphans in Sierra Leone. Luckily she had the support of her family and teachers.
      I have always had respect for dancers but this opened my eyes even more and showed just how hard they really work. These kids train like professional athletes in order to fulfill a dream that is nearly impossible to reach due to the competitiveness. I have trained hard for different sports but I can honestly say that even as hard as I have worked on my personal goals, I have not even come close to working as hard as the people in the film do. These kids are so focused on reaching their dreams and to see that is very inspiring.


  1. I also thought Michaela was an extremely determined dancer. I couldn't believe that she continued to compete even with an injury. These dancers are very competitive because they all have the same passion, to dance.

  2. Michaela was my second choice for a specific example. I agree with you. Her story was inspirational. I like the last paragraph. It really would be interesting to see how hard they train in comparison with yourself, but alas I didn't play any sports in school.

  3. I agree with you on thinking that most dancers were older it is really amazing how young and how hard they worked to get a shot at making their dream come true.

  4. This movie definitely opened my eyes,as well, to how hard they really train to become the best.