Sunday, February 10, 2013

Love. Passion. Dedication. Pain.

Love. Passion. Dedication. Pain.

Those were the four words that came to my mind when watching First Position. This video was a truly amazing representation of how much people will go through to reach their dreams. All of the kids in this film basically wanted to dance for the rest of their lives and make a career out of what they loved to do, regardless of what they had to do to get it. I really liked all of the dancers from the film and was very intrigued by each ones story, but my favorite was Michaela. I found it unbelievable when Michaela talked about there being stereotypes about black dancers. She is only 14 and has already had to deal with people saying that shell never be able to make it because black ballerinas aren't as good. I thought she was amazing. When her mother talked about having to dye everything brown, I thought that seemed like such a hassle but she literally would've done anything for her daughter.

All of the parents in the film seemed to put their children's goals and dreams ahead of themselves. Aran's dad chose to be away from his family longer just so Aran could be closer to ballet. Jules and Miko's father worked all the time to be able to pay for their dance bills. All the parents made just as many sacrifices in order for their children to be happy. Not one kid seemed to be unhappy because they were doing something they loved to do. They all had so much passion for dancing despite how young they were and I think thats incredible. People my age don't even know what they want to do for the rest of their lives but these little kids knew 100% they wanted to become professionals.

After talking about paradoxes in class, I realized several of kids were living with a big one. They were killing themselves in order to do what they love for the rest of their lives. I think that's a paradox? I couldn't believe how much they pushed through the pain just to go through another day. Michaela especially when she said that she could be done dancing for the rest of her life if she performed with her  injury, but she still did it.


  1. I thought it was pretty crazy how hard all of the dancers worked to try to start a career in it, and none of them really did it just for fun.

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    1. I hate how harsh people can be; how hard they are from what Michaela's mom tells the audience. But her mom is great! Powering through it, supporting her daughter, and spending so much time on coloring her costumes. That's a family dedication, not just one person's.

      They were killing themselves in order to do what they love for the rest of their lives.
      Good tie in with paradox. I thought the same thing.